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What the F#@K is Musicgoat?

Musicgoat is dedicated to helping those bands and musicians – like me – that the mainstream music marketing gurus seem to forget about. Music marketing for the little guy, girl or band.

Those bands and musicians who like myself that have slightly different career paths.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You can’t drop everything and go out and tour.
  • You have a real job, real bills, a family and/or something tethering you to one location.
  • You don’t have a ton of time. So… I find marketing methods that are simple and quick.
  • You find yourself doing everything from booking to managing to writing and recording to producing their own videos to hanging posters all over town and the list goes on.
  • You are just getting started or are a late bloomer (like I was at the age of 35 when I recorded and released my first tune).

On Musicgoat, I share music marketing strategies on how to make money with music, how to promote music online, how to sell music online and whatever else helps you to continue making music and find fans to listen.

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Guess what: All those people telling you that you can’t make money with music are right. … if you believe them. Really that’s what it comes down to right? B-e-l-i-e-f with a capital B. People have been saying it for years. But it didn’t stop Ed...

Proof That Disruption in the Music Industry is Nothing New

Most people think that the changes we are seeing in the music industry are a modern problem. But as you’ll hear in the following podcast, disruption in the music industry is nothing new. In fact the case discussed in this podcast dates back to the early...

How To Maximize Traffic From Your YouTube Cover Song Video’s

I saw this Mashables Cover Song Faceoff today and it reminded me of how powerful a YouTube cover song can be especially if you do it right. The two things I noticed is how some of the artists are really missing the boat and how others are really maximizing the...

The Top Cover Song Licensing Services

A few weeks ago I posted an update on Google+ that the cover song licensing service Limelight is shutting down. A bunch of people started asking me what some alternatives were. So, I went looking around, found a few and listed them below. But before I get to the list...

Musicians: Discover A Simple Way To Connect With Fans

Want to connect with fans on a deeper level? (You better say yes). Check this out. I was reading Small Things That Make a Difference in Musicians’ Online Engagement over on Hypebot. Couldn’t agree more. One thing he didn’t mention that I do is ...

This Music Licensing Platform Uses Crowdsourcing

 Editors note: I am always on the look out for cool and unique ways for musicians to make money with music. When I saw this guest post submission I thought that, despite its slightly jaw dropping length, it was a great case study for musicians with solid production...
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   - How to release a singles and grow your fanbase faster

   - Why releasing singles will create more buzz for your music

   - How to sell more music, more often

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