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Music Marketing Strategies for the Little Guy or Gal or Band

If you…

  1. Are just getting started promoting your music (and need to figure out where to begin).
  2. Are not getting anywhere promoting your music (but you’ve tried everything)
  3. Can’t drop everything and go on tour (because you have a real job, real bills, a family and/or something tethering you to one location).
  4. Don’t have a ton of time (because your busy with life – see above).
  5. Find yourself doing everything (from booking to managing to writing and recording to producing their own videos to hanging posters all over town and the list goes on).

Then you and I need to talk…

(the music Gods have brought us together for a reason)


  1. It’s not (just) about having good music.
  2. It’s not (just) about getting every Tom, Dick and Harriett to listen to your music.
  3. It’s not (just) about having all the time in the world to promote your music.
  4. It’s not whether you are too young or too old.

Its About Getting the “Right” People to Listen to Your Music in the Quickest, Most Stress-Free Way Possible.

I Will Help You With That.

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   - Why releasing singles will create more buzz for your music

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