If you haven’t heard, or read yesterdays post, last week Google launched Google Play Music All Access. The reviews have been so-so with some even calling it a watered down version of Spotify. After playing with it myself I didn’t really see anything stand out either but, I thought of something that could make it really stand out.

How about a Local Music section?

Hear Me Out…

Back in the day, when record stores were king, often times there was a local section highlighting local artists.

This section would also – in most cases go – hand-in-hand with local radio play (back when local artists only needed to bribe convince the local DJ to get tunes played on air now you more than likely need a major label backing you to get spins on stations with the largest reach).

A pretty simple system that benefited both the music fan and the artist that has is pretty much extinct in most local markets.

Enter Google!

Google does local better than anyone these days (or at the very least has the greatest reach). Why not put that to use in the music streaming space?

With Google capabilities in the Local arena, I bet they could make a huge splash by being able to highlight bands and artists in local markets. 

How A Local Section Benefits Google…

First, Google Play Music All Access would differentiate itself from Spotify and most of the other online streaming services.

Second, Google would get greater support  from musicians. How you say? As Indie Musicians, knowing that Google had our back locally, we would surely lean more toward pushing people to All Access over Spotify, Rdio, MOG or whoever.

Third, Google can be one of the first to meet one of the greatest challenges with music discovery.

In the book Divergent Streams (BTW great read… and free), I read about how it is a big challenge for music services to provide casual listeners with context when it comes to music discovery. Local music is a great way to do that.

Context doesn’t get much better than your back yard. People love finding local bands and musicians. They feel a deeper bond with them (“they’re one of us”).

Let’s Do It…

So Google, if you are listening, lets do it. I’ll be your guinea pig (wink, wink).

And to you my fellow musicians, what do think? Do I have something here?

BY THE WAY… if you are reading this and shaking your head in agreement. Share this post immediately and everywhere you can because a share is like a vote. Maybe the Big G will notice and we can all reap the rewards.

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