Just when your getting sick of clear channel force feeding American idol wannabe crap down your throat, kind of like the bland new kids on the block scene of the late 80’s that Guns and Roses kicked the shit out of, there is a rock and roll tornado ripping through our countryside with an unrelenting middle finger extended high and proud in the sky. This band is San Francisco’s infamous Flexx Bronco.

Their new release called Vol.2: is a refreshing breath of smoke filled rock and roll sleaze, making you want to slam that extra shot, strip to your undies, do a David Lee Roth high kick, get laid and not give a fuck about work in the morning.

Look who’s Talkin’

They were recently featured by Rebel Music TV as their February band of the month, here’s a link to RMT’s blog regarding the upcoming episode featuring xB.

Also, there’s an article published by the San Francisco Chronicle a few weeks ago regarding this new classic album.

On Tour

You’re bleeding ears, blind eyes and hazy memory definitely will recall the permanent mark tattooed on your forehead from any of Flexx Bronco’s 100’s of shows over the past several years along side bands such as the Bronx, Valient Thorr, Throw Rag, Supersuckers, Scott Biram, Blowfly and even old schoolr’s like The Vibrators, Skynyrd, Tesla, Sammy Hagar, and many others. They are the rock and roll underground’s Jesus, demanding redemption on the current “sell out” crap that has consumed our airwaves.

You can experience it this March (4th-24th) all over the Western US including Reno, Boise, Salt Lake, Denver, Austin (for SXSW), Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and a few other stops.

If you haven’t already, it is time to tie up and get hooked. Real American Rock and Roll is back in a big way. Go get some!

videos and tour dates are at: http://www.flexxbronco.com/

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