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MMP032 – Are These Artists Worthy of a 2009 Grammy Nomination?

Here’s a few artists that you most likely won’t see on stage getting an award or even performing at the Grammy’s BUT certainly could be.

See if you agree by pressing play now.

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Here are the songs heard on this podcast and the links to each artists website;
Hype – “Push Me” (Available at CDBaby and iTunes)
Kelly Richey Band – “I Want You” (get it free on eMusic)
John Taglieri – “Booty Call” (get his older stuff free on eMusic)
Pauline Pisano – “Don’t Forget” (get it free on eMusic)
G Tom Mac – “Wish You Well” (get their older stuff free on eMusic)
Daydream On Autopilot – “Better Off Alone” (get it free on eMusic)
Daydream on Autopilot – “Call Me” (Blondie Cover)

Websites Mentioned on this podcast;
Mike Cameo’s Indie Top 10
Social Blend

Most of these and a ton of other great artists can be found on the Pod Safe Music Network.