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We want to help you spread the word about whatever music related info you want to pass along. Especially if it helps us complete our mission.

Musicgoat Mission

First and foremost our mission is making more money with music but we also are looking to do the following:

1) Break down music barriers (Genre? What is a genre?).

2) Help bands/artists get their music heard.

3) Bring bands/artists and their fans closer together.

4) Help bands/artists/music beginners get better.

What You Can Submit

Here are a few ideas on the type of content you can submit.

Want to do a review of your favorite artist/band or their album? Want to talk share some music news? Want to give a music lesson? Want to pimp your music blog? Or how about give some promotion advice to musicians reading this blog? Or maybe you have something else to write about.

Topics Needed:

Anything involving making money with music
Music Production What Not
Electronic Music Production Tips
Music Product Reviews (boombox’s, instruments, music production, etc)

Bottom line, as long as it is in line with our mission, we’ll take a look at it and share it with our 500+ subscribers if it is Musicgoat worthy.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on submitting something blatantly promoting your own music, stop now because we ignore them.

Also, before you get started, please consider sharing this page on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or wherever you hang out. We search far and wide to give everyone a chance to share their music what not.

How To Send in Your Post

1) Get your stuff together.

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