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Awhile back I did a post about places where you can submit your music online to help you get your music heard and maybe even generating some cash.

Since you can never have enough places to sow your musical oats, here are a few more for you.

I have an online streaming radio and site that gives you the chance to connect with music industry professionals.


I've had my own music on Earbits since they launched. It was slow going at first but things are really starting to pick up and I have been adding new fans on a weekly basis.

In their own words,

“Earbits is streaming online radio built by musicians and music lovers, for musicians and music lovers. Our team of experts brings you the best independent music from around the world, hand-curated in over 200 stations and served up hot with all the trimmings. You'll find great high resolution photos, live show information, band merchandise, and plenty of social features to share the experience with your friends.” – Earbits Website

It is free to submit your music (any genre). They will review your stuff and if they dig it, your tunes will get added to the mix.

Oh and they also have a pay to play feature if you want more spins. The tracking isn't perfect quite yet but it is very reasonably priced and effective.

Submit Your Music To Earbits


With Music Xray you can submit your songs to music producers, publishers, supervisors and managers for marketing, music licensing, label roster, publishing, distribution and more.

According to there about page, their goal is to help bands and artists do three things: Get deals, Get fans, Get better.

There are some many opportunities you can submit your music to. Some are free, some blogs and podcasts use the service to acquire music to review and play. But there is a healthy dose of opportunities that you have to pay to submit too. That can be either a good thing (less competition) or a bad thing (you might not have the budget… like me).

Bottom line is, it can't hurt to check it out. The perfect opportunity could be waiting for you.

Submit Your Music to MusicXray 

(Pssst…it is really easy to submit if you already have your music on Soundcloud)

I hope you find some new fans and a few great opportunities. If you do, we'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

Also, if you know of any kick ass places to submit music, let us know in the comments below. We'll check it out. If it is as kick ass as you say it is, we'll add it to a future post along a mention of the person (that'd be you) who recommend it.

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