The other day, someone from a site called Airgigs commented on my post about why it is getting easier to make money with music.  When I went to check out the site, I was pleasantly surprised and figured you would be too.

Looks like there could be some opportunity for musicians to make some money and/or find quality help for projects – to help generate more money.

At first glance it looks like a pretty cool marketplace for music production gurus and session musicians but a deeper look really got my mind going.

Here are some potential money making ideas that popped into my head as I skipped around the site.

Note… these are not completely thought out. I am just riffing on these in the hopes that you might be able to use them yourself or at the very least get some inspiration for your own ideas. There is no use letting these ideas disappear in my head.


This might be pretty obvious but you could offer lesson to make some cash or you could make yourself more valuable by investing in some lessons. (for more on giving lessons online see using Skype to give lessons).


You could do the transcribing for others of course but transcription rates seemed fairly reasonable and you could have some of your original stuff transcribe into sheet music. Generally you can get more money for sheet music than a recording especially if you have music that gets used for special occasions like weddings.

Music Promotion

The music promotion section feels a tad spammy with all the “5 million YouTube views for $5” stuff, but I suppose it isn't hurting anything (as long as you don't use it IMHO). But if you have a large audience it could be useful to offer an email exchange or an email blast with a similar artist for a small feel.


I wonder if anyone would pay a few bucks to have a polished songwriter look over there work?

I know from personal experience that a second set of eyes/ears can lead to a lyrical tweak or an arrangement change that could really improve a song.

If you are a talented writer and can prove the value of your services, who know's.

Your Turn

That's all I got for now and I probably didn't even scratch the surface, you should go look around for yourself.

It will be interesting to see how well this takes off. I see a lot of this stuff already on sites like Craigslist and Fiverr, so it is a market that exists. If they can usurp some of that traffic, Airgigs is definitely worth watching.

I showed you mine, now its your turn. Could you use any of these ideas? Or better yet, do you have any ideas I didn't mention?


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