So, who is are the top female guitarists of all time?

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In the world of music, it is fair to say that the role of female guitarists has always been underappreciated.

However, that is not for the lack of talent. Here are 4 all-time great female guitarists that serve as inspiration for budding female guitarists around the world.

Jennifer Batten

If you can judge an artist by the people they collaborate with, it becomes pretty obvious why Jennifer Batten is one of the best guitar payers ever, irrespective of gender. Her debut album was produced by Michael Sembello himself and her skills on the axe caught the attention of fellow artists. Her talent ensured that she was a lead guitarist on three different world tours with Michael Jackson; your career as a guitarist can’t get any better than being hand-picked by the King of Pop to a part of his crew. For three years, she was also a part of a band led by another guitar legend, Jeff Beck. Jennifer Batten has a very strong fan following around the world and remains one of the leading inspirations for female guitarists.

Bonnie Raitt

When people think of famous guitarists, the mind tends to wander in the direction of rock icons. However, ignoring other genres of music, where the guitar has been equally influential, would be a great disservice to music. Bonnie Raitt is the embodiment of what is possible with a guitar across various genres. Her work incorporates elements from country, folk, and blues to go along with rock. A regular at jazz and blues festivals around the world, Bonnie has notched up nine Grammy Awards and is living proof that a good guitarist doesn’t have to be tied down to a single genre.

Marnie Stern

As far as technical skills on the guitar are concerned, few guitarists in the world can hold a candle to Marnie Stern. She may have started late (she released her debut album at the age of31), but that didn’t stop her from mastering the guitar with fret-tapping skills that often draw comparisons with Eddie Van Halen. Marnie’s nimble finger work has ensured that she has developed a style that is unique and a skill set that other guitarists can only hope to achieve.

Donita Sparks

Where does the ‘bad girl’ image in rock come from? To answer that question, you have to look no further than Donita Sparks. Wherever Donita goes, controversy is sure to follow. In most cases, such artists would be ignored. But in the case of Donita Sparks, it is impossible to ignore her natural gift, which involves whipping crowds into a frenzy with her excellent skills on the guitar. Genius comes in all shapes and forms, and Donita is a classic example of never judging a book by its cover. Keeping up with her outrageous personality is a very small price to pay for enjoying her fabulous guitar work.

There are many female guitarists who have made a name for themselves, but these 4 are definitely the greatest of all-time.

Guest Post: Lauren Devaney is the author of this post and a guitar trainer providing guitar lessons online. She admires the great guitarists in the world and loves to write about them.

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