This is the number one thing you should think of when doing any music production. If your are not having fun well producing maybe its not the hobby/profession for you. Now you can not get confused in between fun and hard. Just because you can't get something the first time that does not mean it will not be fun when you finally get to understanding what you are learning. So at the beginning just take your time to learn and decide. If you know after some time producing is still not become enjoyable then its not for you.

2. Be creative

All tips are important but this one is specially one. You have to be creative to be a producer. A lot of people try to copy other peoples sounds witch make things boring, which brings us back to tip one. You may get very bored trying to rip off other people styles. Not saying you can't learn from the way others produce. What I am trying to say is to try and make each production your own unique style and things will be much better.

3. Be willing to take criticism wither good or bad

There are lots of people out their that need to follow this tip. some producer think they are everything, but are not that good. People like that may never improve as they don't care what people say unless its a good comment. Now I know it sucks sometimes when you get people criticizing you by flat out telling you that your productions suck, but if someone actually has something constructive to say then that may help you improve. You should never ignore a comment just because they are trying to help you and give their two cents on your music. Sometime there will be bad comment not helping you one bit, but instead of arguing you just have to ignore them. It looks unprofessional arguing and cursing back at people, but if the person is giving you good advise take it and try to improve.

4. Be patient and never give up.

You will not be a pro over night, So don't give up in a week and say “producing is impossible for me”. some people just need a lot more time to learn. besides I don't think anyone could even learn to be a pro producer in a week. It takes years to work your way up to producing good music like the pros. Even as a pro you learn new things every day. To sum it up, just keep on producing. Everyday you will get better and better. Quitters never get anywhere.

Guest Post from DJ, Producer, Artist, and Blogger Corbin Gale. Get more production tips like this from Corbin on his blog.

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