CD Duplication ServiceNowadays companies that provide DVD and CD duplication are all over the place. A lot of them can be seen when you search on Google, Craigslist, and Yellow Pages which makes really hard to distinguish companies that provide affordable and high quality duplication.

Since there are many companies and individuals that providing this service, there a high chance of selecting a bogus or unreliable CD duplication companies. The question now is “how to know if the company is good when providing such service?”

Below are the characteristics you should look at on a CD duplication company:

1. Confident in their Work

A good sign that a company can provide good service is by checking their work. Ask the company if they can provide some examples of their work. If they are confident in their quality of work, your request will never be ignored. It is also considered a sign that they can do the job and they are not new in the industry.

2. Good History

Another thing to determine if a CD duplication company is a good company that provide CD duplication is having a good history at Better Business Bureau. This is to figure out reviews and complaints that the company receives from their previous customers, at the same time how well they handle quality. To simplify this task, cross out or remove the companies with tons of bad reviews in your list.

3. Positive Testimonials

After sorting out the good from bad companies from Better Business Bureau, check the companies' testimonials. You can ask your relatives, friends, co-workers, and relatives for more reliable CD duplication companies they have experienced to work before. Ask them what services they like which are not present in other CD duplication companies, let them help you to the company for a chance to get discounts or even freebies.

4. Quick Responders

Calling the companies and asking basic questions like what kind of CD's they will use, if they customize CD packaging, etc. Remove from your list those companies who can't answer your questions directly or those that take 2-3 days before they respond. Experienced CD duplication companies always know the answer and it doesn't take too much time to respond.

5. Versatile

This is not mandatory, but if they are experienced when it comes to CD duplication they can provide other services which can improve customer experience with the company. A good example of these other services are film editing, cover design, putting subtitles, and etc. If your selected CD duplication company provides these then they definitely value your money since you can get more than what you paid for.

I hope this guide could help you determine the CD duplication company that is best for your needs. If you have ideas on how to determine a good CD duplication company post it in the comments below.

Guest Post: JV White is a blogger, web enthusiast, and marketing consultant for We Print Discs and American Recordable Media . He writes exciting tips and guides about CD duplication, replication and printing for musicians, businessman, doctors, and other professionals. Follow him on Twitter @jvwhite1980.

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