Busy, busy, busy. The life of an Indie Musician right?

On top of my day job and the day to day family stuff, I've been practicing, playing and promoting a lot of shows with my new kick ass band. And I mean kick ass, they are very good players and, just as important, good guys. I'm lucky to have them.

Plus, I am in the middle of updating my website. I'm cleaning it up, to keep it simple, inexpensive and mobile responsive (more and more traffic coming in from iPads, iPods, Galaxies, etc so that is huge).

All that hasn't left me much time to put the finishing touches on some of the great tips I have planned to share with you in the near future.

So, rather than skip a week and leave you high and dry, I figured I'd take a few minutes and give you some links  that can help feed your appetite for music marketing whatnot.


DIY Daily

I've been listening to Brian Thompson on the Music Biz Weekly Podcast that he does with Michael Brandvold for a year or two now. But, it wasn't until after one of you (Paul) told me that he shared some of my stuff on his newsletter that I check out his DIY Daily Newsletter (thank you Paul for the heads up and Brian for the shout out).

After getting the newsletter for a few days now, “HOLY SHIT!”, I cannot believe the amount information he packs into this thing on daily basis. Where does he find the time? Go see what I mean.


Nobody Wants To Be a Rock Star Anymore

A little talk about how the best and brightest are no longer playing music but looking at tech as the pie in the sky. Even though my 18 year old bass player would disagree, he has a point. But then again, if you are getting into it “first and foremost  for the cash anyway, maybe its a good thing they follow tech and leave the music to those who are in it strictly for the love of it.

More Data on Streaming Services

I probably go on way to much about how big streaming is getting – this article talks about how much room it has to grow – but you will never be able to say I didn't tell you.

Using PPC to Market Your Music

I've used PPC a bunch in the past. Some of my oldest, dearest fans came via Facebook PPC. It can be very effective if you take the time to test and have a few bucks to burn experimenting before you start making a profit.

Kickstarter Slowing Down

Sure, Kickstarter may be slowing down but I don't think we should take it as a knock on crowdfunding. Maybe people just aren't using Kickstarter anymore. I personally think that crowdfunding is here to stay especially for the artist who truly want to to serve their fans.

How To Give Your Self a Raise

I like checking in on The Minimalists from time to time. They help me sort through what is and what is not important when it comes to spending time and money.  One of the writers,  Joshua Millburnis is a very good writer, has a great personal story and is a good e-friend. Hell, he even used some of my music for his audio book. Its about time I gave him a shout out.


That should do it for today, now I'm off to work on some poster for upcoming gigs. Just had a new logo made for the band and need to start shifting my marketing materials and approach away from solo guy to band leader.

Let me know if you like this style of post and I will make the effort to put them out from time to time.

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