If you are looking for good songwriting app, I think I might have one you will like.

Why I Needed a Songwriting App

The other day I was sitting there with my guitar when inspiration hit. I always have a pen and notebook nearby so jotting my ideas down was business as usual.

Then I got stuck on a phrase and needed to use a Rhyme dictionary for some ideas. Problem was, my laptop was buried away in the van (under sound equipment for that nights gig).

I started to search Google for Rhymezone on my iPhone when it hit me, “DUH, maybe there's an app.”

Sure enough.

This was perfect, and not just on this occasion. I can't count the times when I was out and about and didn't anything to write on or hum into. And seeing how my phone has essentially become another body part, capturing ideas in the moment shouldn't be an issue going forward.

Why I Chose Songwriters Pad

After scanning over a bunch and reading through spec's and reviews I decided on one called “Songwriter Pad.”

Some of the other reviews complained about a a lot of crashes and lost data (losing a great line or riff if painful so I'm not going to mess around).

It guess it just seemed like the most complete of the bunch. Others had a recorder and a note pad but no Thesaurus or Rhyme Dictionary and vice versa.

I also took the “you get what you pay for” approach and ponied up the $4.99 because I might be using it quite a bit and after looking at some of the other reviews I figured it was worth it.

Your Turn

I can only speak for how it works on my iPhone 5 but it is available on iPad, Android, Mac and PC's too (hmmm… now that I think about, I wonder if I can sync between my iPhone and my PC?).

Anyway, its pretty handy if you write.

Go check out Songwriter Pad for yourself.

Do you use use an songwriting app? If so which one? Do you like it?

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