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If you…

  1. Are just getting started promoting your music (and need to figure out where to begin).
  2. Are not getting anywhere promoting your music (but you've tried everything)
  3. Can't drop everything and go on tour (because you have a real job, real bills, a family and/or something tethering you to one location).
  4. Don’t have a ton of time (because you are busy living).
  5. Find yourself doing everything (from booking to managing to writing and recording to producing their own videos to hanging posters all over town and the list goes on).

Then you and I need to talk…

(the music Gods have brought us together for a reason)


  1. It's not (just) about having good music.
  2. It's not (just) about getting every Tom, Dick and Harriett to listen to your music.
  3. It's not (just) about having all the time in the world to promote your music.
  4. It's not whether you are too young or too old.

Its About Getting the “Right” People to Listen to Your Music, Creating Buzz and Making Some Sales To Support Making More Music.

I Will Help You With That.

music marketing tools

Ok But Who The Hell Are You?

I am Corey I am a musician slash marketing geek.


Corey Koehler Medium

I've been releasing my own music for over 10 years now and I've been sharing the things I've learned with other musicians here on MusicMarketingGuy.com (formerly Musicgoat) for just as long. I am also a online marketing consultant (hate that word but it is what it is) who has been helping musicians and regular businesses identify, find and build audiences.

I am also, despite what my kids will tell you, but according to their friends, the “Cool Dad”, a tolerable husband (I think) and a Pro Football Junkie (Go Vikings!). I like to risk embarrassment participating in sports that don't jeopardize my fret hand and I struggle with vices like junk food, good coffee and the occasional cigarette (none of which go good with performing). Someday.

Here's how it all started:

Since I can remember I’ve loved music. In my teens, I was the guy at the record store (remember those?) thumbing through albums, cd’s and tapes for hours [thinking “Hmmm… Should I get 1 or 2 this week? Should I get the one with the cool cover or the one with that tune that won't stop playing my head after hearing it at my buddy Schmitty’s house? What pool of music goodness should swim in over the next week?”]

Then there were the concerts.

I went to my first show, the Kiss “Animalize” tour ‘84, when I was 12 years old. Being in the same building with these rock gods and watching them work their magic was a religious experience.

I looked up to bands and musicians. I put them on a pedestal. I needed to learn more. I needed to get closer.

I read every magazine Hit Parader, Circus, Rolling Stone, etc. I read every liner note in every cassette or CD’s sleeve. I dreamed… “man, If only I could that.” Eventually though life got in the way. I blindly believed my friends and family when they told me “It’s a hard road. You need go to school. Get an education. Get something steady.”

Twelve years later in my early thirties I discovered I could write and perform music. Better yet, people actually liked it. “Hey Corey, great tune, who’s that by?” to which I would reply… “uhhh, me.”

I was on to something here and it was awesome.

It was like I found a long lost brother. I couldn’t believe it. I could write songs, record them and put them on a website. Better yet, I am an internet marketing geek. The knowledge and geekyness of internet marketing has been huge.


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“Corey, you give out the most amazing information. I'm an old rocker, trying to get acclimated to the new music industry, and you are an oasis to someone like me. I'm so far back there….You keep writing and I'll keep reading. Thank you so much!” Randy Gabbard

Need More… OK Then… Do You Feel Like This Too?

After a few years of beating the crap out of my psychy for not getting to were it was “I think” i should be – or those mainstream guru’s tell me I should – fast enough, I realized I was fighting a loosing battle. My forehead was bleeding and the brick wall was laughing its ass off.

I put pressure on myself. Always saying stuff to myself like “I need to put out more music. I need to promote over here. I need to learn this new technique. I need to book more shows, etc, etc, etc.”

I was starting to lose sight of the reason I started writing and performing in the first place.

And I have a feeling that many of you feel the same way.

Now I am beginning to see that I don’t have to kill myself trying to do EVERYTHING by the books and by ourselves and on some breakneck schedule. The main thing is that I keep going. Keep making and performing music. Keep the fire burning.

“The only rule as a musician is to keep making and performing music!”

If I don’t put out something fast enough or spread the word wide enough or use the best technique, I am not gonna sweat it.

The guys over at Music Biz Weekly said something on their podcast one day “Music Success doesn’t need to be billboard charts.” I agree, and am working with that in mind from here on out. Looking back to when I started out just making an album was a success or playing a show that had 10+ people “engaged” in my performance was a success.

My goal, if I can help it, is not to make money with music just to make money. I want to do it to make music while keeping an eye out for ways to make a few bucks to make it easier to pay recording bills or do some marketing to spread my message a little farther.

The Ideal Music Marketing Guy Reader…

Musicgoat will address music marketing issues with the focus on bands and musicians who fall into the following categories:

  • Local bands
  • Hobbyists
  • Songwriters
  • Coffee housers
  • Cover bands
  • Weekend warriors
  • Beginners
  • Late bloomers
  • Rebooters
  • Dabblers
  • Music Teachers
  • Music Businesses
  • Career professionals making music on the side

I do not see very many if any blogs or communities out there talking about this group of musicians. It is probably the most under served but biggest group. Not everyone can be a star. Not everyone can tour. But almost anyone who wants to can make music, find an audience and even make a few bucks for their efforts.

Music Marketing Guy puts more focus into the essence of being a musician and performer. More focus on finding an audience no matter how large or how small that is receptive to my message. Whether it is having fun or spreading a message.

“Large or small, we all have some sort of audience, we just need to find it.”

In other words, If you are looking to tour don’t look here. If you are looking to go head to head with big shots in Nashville and Los Angeles, Musicgoat may not offer up the best info for you.

BUT, if you are looking to build your fan base faster, generated more buzz and sell more music, stick around, I want to help.

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“FINALLY, a blog and resource site that is up-to-date, active, responsive, and full of relevant material! Thank you for creating this site and even more, thank you for keeping to it.” – G. E. Marrs (MusiciansDojo.com)

Music Marketing Guy (My) Guarantee

Bottom line, I see a lot of bands and musicians out there with good music who are shooting themselves in the foot by not having a website, a mailing list or even a simple marketing plan. I figured I could help in some way. Being a lifelong music fan, as well as a musician, I want to see good music get heard.

I do not have all the answers but what I do have and find I will share with you. I am a musician myself. I am constantly trying different things to get my music out there and connect with people interested in hearing my stuff. I figured that I could use Music Marketing Guy to pass on any information I come across that will make our lives as music fans and musicians more enjoyable and more profitable.

One last question for you, is there something you wish you want to learn more about when it comes to producing or marketing your music? Let me know in the comments below or just shoot me an email.

-Corey Koehler

That's Josh the bass player and myself performing in Minneapolis.

That's Josh the bass player and myself performing in Minneapolis.

P.S. in the spirit of full disclosure

I do have many affiliate links and sponsored ads present throughout the site. Why? Because it would be stupid not to. And besides why shouldn't we be able to earn a few bucks for our work/talent?

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