C.G.'s Tips of the Week – Advice From The Certified Genius

How's everyone doing? Good I hope. Happy new year everyone, here's some new advice for the new year from your favorite producer.

Tips for life: Be thankful. The only thing guaranteed to us in life is death so I’ve come to realize that a lot of things that we take for granted like food, shelter, health and clothing really are blessings. If you look at any third world countries there are people starving to death and dying of malnutrition. Be grateful for what you do have and try not to focus on what you do not have.

Tips for producing/beat making: Diversify. Try new things musically. Don't be afraid to go out of your element and make a pop or hip-hop beat. Even try some R&B or cross genre tracks. I used to strictly do more rugged and grimey east coast hip-hop. Over the past two years though I really worked on creating my own style and just doing my own thing musically and I have been getting a lot of great feedback. For an example, check out my new remix/cover song to G-Unit's “Stunt 101” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFF1CsN4ZQU or here C.G. Productionz \”Stunt 101\” Remix/Cover Song (same link)

Tips for song writers/artists: Promote. However you want to do it is up to you but you need to promote yourself. Whether you want to use Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. is your choice but you need to get your music out there. People need to know and hear what you’re doing. In most cases a label doesn’t sign artists that don’t already have somewhat of a fan base (not in all cases but generally speaking). Even if you don’t want to end up with a major label you still need to promote because independent artists need a fan base to. Once you have the music or the movement that catches people’s attention you’re halfway there; now you just need to keep their attention.

Tips for finance: Buy assets, not liabilities. Keep this in mind especially when you start making excess money or get a raise or nice bonus. Even if you're an artist, producer or song writer. Don't blow your big check on a brand new Benz or big mansion (liabilities: items that depreciate in value and don't make you any money). Instead, buy some real estate or talk to a stock broker and invest in some stock (assets: items that can make you money, if done correctly). Before investing in anything or buying any real estate it's very important to educate yourself and make sure you're working reliable and professional people on your investments. There's no sense in blowing a few thousand dollars on new designer clothing and then struggling when the money dries up. The truth is, you never know when you might be out of a job or when your music won't be the center of attention anymore. For these reasons, I believe it's very important to purchase assets rather than liabilities. Suggested reading: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel.

I hope this advice helps to bring in the new year on a positive note for everyone and I wish everyone much love and success for 2011. Ending on that note, I'll talk to you guys in another two weeks. Don't forget to leave some comments and feedback too!


Posted by Christopher “C.G.” Gallucci of C.G. Productionz

small logo use thisP.S. My second mixtape Payback: Certified Genius Volume 2 will be released on Monday, February 28th. Stay tuned for that, especially if you like the remix that I posted!

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