• music marketing tips

5 Songwriting Tips: Songwriting Techniques Used By Top Songwriters And Producers

Want to make marketing your music way easier by improving your songwriting techniques? Then you'll want to read this post…

  • music marketing tips
  • Music Promotion

11 Tips On How To Promote A Music Event On Social Media

Want to see how to promote your music event to get more people? If you want to get more people…

  • music marketing tips

Mixing And Mastering Tips: Preparing A Mix For Mastering

Preparing your mix for mastering is essential if you want to ensure the mastering process runs smoothly. It can save…

  • Music News

How To Quickly Turn Your Facebook Fans Into Email Subscribers

Did you see all the updates Facebook is making these days? It is just another reminder for you and me…

  • music marketing tips

Music PR: Why Publicity Does NOT Sell Music (and Why This is Okay)

Want to know more about music or and how it can help your career? Great, you've come to the right…

  • Guitar Lessons

How To Build Guitar Calluses (Myths and Truths)

Want to see how to build guitar calluses to improve your playing? Want to hear some unbelievable myths that'll make…

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