Beginner Musicians Guide To Booking Gigs

Watch the following video for an introduction to this course.

Ultimate Goal

When you complete this training you will know some simple strategies you can use to start booking shows in your area. This is based on personal experience when I was able to book 1-3 shows per week for myself as a solo artist and later on for my band, starting from zero.

Please note, I just want to mention that this strategy might not work in every market for every genre of music. That said, I have a feeling there will be a few nuggets of info you can use to book a consistent amount of shows locally and regionally.

Think of this as more as a gig strategy buffet than a step by step meal plan.

Course Action Plan

Here is a step by step action plan for this course. Each action step should take you 30 minutes or less to complete. Do at least one action step every day until you complete each one.

Day 0 Action Plan – Watch “Start Here” Video (above) and Print Action Plan Checklist (below).

Day 1 Action Plan – Watch Video 1: Get Prepared then Create Your Spreadsheet And Bio Page

Day 2 Action Plan – Watch Video 2: Search For Venues, Add 10 – 20 To Your Spreadsheet

Day 3 Action Plan – Watch Video 3: Reach Out, Then Contact All Venues On Your Spreadsheet

Day 4 Action Plan – Watch Video 4: Bonus Ideas

Video 1: Get Prepared

Video 2: Search For Venues

Video 3: Reach Out

Video 4: Bonus Ideas

More Booking Resources

When you have enough shows under your belt and you are ready to take the next step, here are a few resources to help you expand your touring area.

Ultimate Indie Bundle

The Indie Bible is pretty kick ass on its own but when you get the bundle, you can get the Indie Venue Bible too. The Venue Bible includes a list of 28,000 venues, festivals and colleges in the U.S. and Canada. Click here to check it out.

International Booking Agent Directory

The International Booking Agents Directory was created by the peeps at Indie Bible. It lists over 2300 Booking Agents
from Around the World. Click here to check it out.

Indie On The Move

Great resource with a ton of venues and booking resources. Click here to check it out.

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