Isn't it crazy how many places there are for you to sell music online these days? Just to name a few, you have iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Bandcamp, Google Play and eMusic.

And these days, even though they don't pay as well (yet anyway), you need to get your stuff on streaming music sites like Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, etc.

Best Place to Sell Music Online

IMHO the best place to sell music online is wherever your fan wants to buy it (when they want to buy it). It is wherever he or she already has an account and will buy and then regularly consume your music.

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Forcing your fans to buy from somewhere they aren't familiar with just might be the difference in them buying or not buying. They might not want to sign up for another service that they don't know anything about.

Hell, you wouldn't force them into using only one form of payment would you? “Oh sorry man, we don't take Visa.”

Why make it difficult to buy your music by not accommodating them. You want the buying process to be as smooth as possible.

How To Make It Obvious Your Music is Available Everywhere

First, if you haven't already, find a music distribution service and upload your music.

For the record, and before Mr. Know-it-all pipes in, I am sure there are better ways to do this. I just added a few simple buttons to get something up quick (that said, I am pondering whether or not I should develop a WordPress Plugin to clean it up).

Oh and by the way, since I started doing this, overall sales increased and have been trickling in from all over.

Here's a quick video showing how I do it on my site along with a little peak at my CDBaby account so you can see the money trickling in.

It is Simple

It is simple, Increase the amount of places you sell music online and increase the chances that your fans will buy.

OH and Check This Out

To learn more about how to sell music online, check out my “Sell More Singles: How to Release Song Singles and Make More Money More Often.” Its a step by step guide on how to release your music.

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