I just wanted to pass on another place where you can submit your music. It is a country music internet radio station called CountryRadio.com.

Here's the skinnny…

  • Nearly 250,000 daily listeners.
  • Musician owned and operated.
  • Monthly report about when you are getting played and who's listening
  • You can link to your own landing page offering a free track (if your smart) or to one of your social media sites. They have iTunes and Amazon links listed too.
  • Each play gets tweeted to one of their 211,000+ followers
  • $50 for 6 months (I chose this one as far as a test) or $100 for 12 months

Two things before I send you on your way…

  1. Make sure you tell them Musicgoat sent you!
  2. MOST IMPORTANT: If you do not make country music, DO NOT submit your music. You are wasting your time and theirs. I say this every time I promote one of these sites and it never fails, the station or podcast reports back to me that a bunch of dumbass' submitted the wrong style of music (don't send you Ukranian folk to a Metal station). Don't be a dumbass!

Click here to submit your music

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