create lyric videosI’ve noticed a trend among musicians across all genres: lyric videos.

There are a multitude of reasons for artists to release lyric videos. There’s the fact that if your fans are anything like me, they’ll be looking up the lyrics to your songs as soon as they get their hands (or ears) on the album, and a lyric video can help them get the words straight from you rather than some lyric site that gets most of the words wrong. It also provides you with an opportunity to get a visually compelling video released and spread across the web quicker than an official music video can be produced.

Naturally there are some videos that really stand out, and others that totally flop. Here are a few of the goodies to give you some inspiration.

Say Anything, “Say Anything”

Say Anything’s lyric video landed its spot on this list because of its fun use of typography and graphic design. The fonts are stylized and fit together with the graphics seamlessly. They also humorously make note of guitar solos when there aren’t any lyrics to show.

Boys Like Girls, “Be Your Everything”

This lyric video is commendable due to its simplicity – the whole video was made using a single composition notebook! However, that simple notebook doesn’t make the video look cheap. The paper is used to its full potential; it’s not just words written out in a notebook. The words are written in a cootie catcher, on paper airplanes, and crumpled up.

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Cassettes Won’t Listen, “Falling Apart”

This one wins the award for the most creative use of typography. As the words flow out they create an image of a man soaring across a landscape in a hot air balloon. Cassettes Won’t Listen probably had to hire a talented graphic designer to pull this one off, but even that was probably cheaper than a full-scale music video production and still achieved a brilliant, moving design.

Christina Perry, “Penguin”

Christina Perry’s video goes beyond graphic design and typography. The lyrics in her lvideo are presented through creative stitching, cut out letters, and etchings that really break the mold and take advantage of a wide variety of materials.

Architects, “These Colors Don’t Run”

The Architects really nailed the whole package with their lyric video for “These Colors Don’t Run.” They’ve got a smart use of typography that works well with the graphics in the video, and both the fonts and the graphics work together to convey the overall message of the song.

What you can learn from all of these videos is that the key is to create a lyric video that’s still interactive enough to keep your fan’s attention, and the only way to do so is to be creative.

Have you thought about releasing a lyric video to promote your new single? Which of these videos were inspiring for you? Have you seen any other cool lyric videos recently? Sound off in the comments below!

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Guest Post: Jenna Markowski is a member of the content team at Quality Logo Products, a top-notch promotional products company specializing in all kinds of logo merchandise. She loves music and frequently writes about social media tips on their marketing blog.

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