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10 Effective Fiverr Music Promotion Services For Indie Music Artists 4

Yep, I get it…

Indie music artists may not look at Fiverr as the place to promote their music, but there are plenty of Fiverr music promotion services that can help propel your music career.

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Is Fiverr Music Promotion Legit?

Sure, Fiverr may have many low-quality gigs that won’t deliver, but plenty of services can help you develop and grow a fanbase or achieve the project plans you have for your music distribution.

The challenge is knowing where to look and how to find those beneficial services to utilize.

Identifying the best services for your music promotion requires a lot of time and research.

Organic results are not easy to come by, and with algorithms on social platforms changing daily, it is not easy to keep up with marketing trends.

This dilemma is why many indie music artists turn to hire out for these types of services, which is an easy way to alleviate the burden of doing it yourself.

This guide will provide you with identifying and taking you to some of the better gigs on Fiverr that can help you not only promote your music but deliver guaranteed results so that you can see the growth of your music career.

In addition, they will help to increase sales and allow more people to hear your music at a fraction of the price that it might cost for a full-fledged agency.

List of Fiverr Music Promotion Services

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1. Organic Spotify Promotion

This service promises an organic Spotify promotion, but Elokaozo uses his services and takes things a step further. He will promote the song via Spotify and send emails to around 5K music playlist curators and DJs that can help build upon your promotional strategy for your music distribution and reach.

The promotion could lead to being contacted directly by companies that license music so that you can join their library and reach a broader network of creatives, who will then license your tracks for their projects. In addition, the packages allow you to promote to 100K listeners up to 2M listeners if you desire.

2. Apple Music Promotion of Your Song or EP

This quality gig by Nathan_tucker can have you reaching upwards of 250M listeners – yes, that many! He expertly utilizes the Apple music platform to stream your music with simple strategies that include Guest Posting on high-streaming blogs and promoting on Facebook music pages.

The mix of streaming services apps alongside social media platforms gives you a higher level of marketing. He embeds the music link within private networks and promises no fake bot accounts – just simple, organic, and natural growth of your music with support from a real social audience. It also helps that the service provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if for some reason you aren’t satisfied, you can ask for a refund.

3. Professional Music Forum Promotion

Instead of direct promotion of your music, this service from Paokdz shares your music on five of the most famous music forums worldwide, including Spotify and YouTube. He uniquely takes your track or song and places it within organic playlists until your target number of streams is reached.

Playlists range anywhere from 5k in listeners to up to 600k. The stress is on the organic way of reaching a new audience, without specific promotion or highlight, but an insightful and innovative method of allowing your music to be heard by the masses.

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10 Effective Fiverr Music Promotion Services For Indie Music Artists 5

4. TikTok Dance Video to Promote Your Music

TikTok is becoming one of the most popular mobile apps, and you can really expand your network through promotion on this platform. The terrific way that rebacatomescu will promote your music is by creating a dance video and uploading it to the app.

She is a professional dancer and creates styles related to genres like robot, electronic, electric boogie, pop and lock, hip hop, and more.

She not only allows you to post and promote on your own TikTok, but she uploads it to her account permanently so that they have the option to continue to generate views long after your package is complete.

5. Radio Rock On Radio Promotion

If you are an indie rock artists, then this is an excellent option for promotion. This dedicated rock radio station boasts over 150K active listeners worldwide.

The Radio Rock On promotion is done by radiostreamlive, and their assurance is that your song will be played every three hours on the radio for a total of eight times per day.

You can pick your number of days from a whole week to 28 days, depending on your budget.

6. Play Your Music on Radio New York Live

Radio New York Live is a top-rated radio station across the United States, boasting more than 250k listeners daily. Getting your chance to be featured on this station could definitely kickstart your career if you work with Maurizo, who has worked for almost 30 years in the radio industry and has a solid reputation.

His basic package for this service gives you the option for one-day delivery so that your song will be featured on the radio station the day after you buy it.

Thus, your song will be played eight times after every few hours for a whole week. If you want to buy the premium package, you get twenty-eight days of playtime.

7. Music Blog Pitch Promotion

This service is provided by Bontanical_ who has a strong music background with many contacts across the industry.

He works organically to pitch your song or album to music blogs and curators that he knows will be interested in the type of music you are providing.

His reviews speak volumes – with phrases like…

“100% legit. 100% real. The seller has ethics, cares about the work he does and provides a valuable service.”

You can expect that you will get a true story told within each pitch to ensure that your song is placed in a music blog. If you choose the premium package service, you also get a mailing database and an ad campaign.

8. Beatstars Viral Music Promotion

Beatstars is a rising music community that allows indie rap artists and online music producers to buy and sell beats. As a result, beats tend to be used in tons of commercial ads and composers and other music gurus in the business who need beats for various purposes.

For example, many music teachers use them to help their students learn rhythms, or voice teachers utilize them as backing tracks for their vocal warmups.

This service from Alexeyaschenko provides you with real subscribers on your Beatstars account.

These subscribers will engage actively with you, liking and commenting on your songs as they enjoy what you have to offer. As a result, you can get anywhere from 100 to 300 more followers, depending on the type of service you choose.

9. Extensive Contact Base for Your Music Promotion

If you’re a musician who likes to do things themselves, maybe all you want to promote your music is who you need to contact. This service does just that and will provide you with handpicked music industry contacts that you can utilize to pitch labels, get more press coverage, or be featured in festivals.

Beseiredt has compiled a master list of contacts within the music industry and will supply you with the information that includes email addresses, social media accounts, even their phone numbers and rankings in the business. In addition, if you purchase the premium package with him, you get access to all of his lists that contain magazines, blogs, record labels, and event organizers.

10. Amazon Music Playlist Promotion

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service. Many who have Prime also utilize its sister app, Amazon music, which allows you to listen to tons of songs on any compatible device. Amazon Music promotion is an excellent opportunity given by gustavosantos89, who will add your song directly to a high-level playlist on Amazon Music that contains thousands of followers.

He guarantees an increase in the number of plays for your song. You will earn plays of your music every day for an entire month from real subscribers and listeners, and you have the option to add up to four songs.

Final Thoughts

That is just a tiny sample of the Fiverr music promotion services. I've used Fiverr for custom album covers and song critiques.

Bottom line, indie artists and musicians should always keep an eye out for the most authentic ways of promoting their music to reach the ideal audience and build their following.

Social Media platforms are a great start, but utilizing marketing assistance for promotion from some of these authentic users on Fiverr can help broaden your outreach and help you develop relationships for music opportunities.

The critical thing to remember is that marketing is just as important as making music. If you cannot get your music heard and out there for distribution, your fans and listeners miss out on being able to help further promote your music by sharing it themselves.

It is not enough to know how to create, mix and master your recordings; you must work to distribute and promote that music.

If marketing is not a strong point for you or if you just don't have the time, consider outsourcing and utilizing one of these excellent services to help get your music out there.

Don’t wait to start promoting – do it now!

(Before you go, get the “Industry Contact Script” and “Email Jumpstart Checklist” when you click here or on the image below…)

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10 Effective Fiverr Music Promotion Services For Indie Music Artists 6

Most Recommended Marketing Tools and Services For DIY Musicians

Indie Bible –  This 330-page music marketing Swiss Army Knife will show you how to get access to 4000 music publications willing to do reviews, 3200 radio stations willing to play your songs along with 1200 other resources looking to help you get the word out. They have also been adding resources to help you find playlist curators to help you get more streams on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube. Click here to check out the Indie Bible.

ConvertKit – Need to start an email list to build a fan base? Or looking for an email provider that provides made-for-you landing page templates? if so, ConvertKit is awesome. They cater to Makers and Creatives (like us music types) so you know you are in good company. It is also one the easiest to use for beginners and feature-rich for more advanced users. They now offer a totally free tier of up to 1,000 subscribers. Click here to try ConvertKit.

TubeBuddy – Just started testing this, but damn, the handy optimization tools alone saved me a ton of time already. So much to love for marketing geeks like me. They have a feature-filled free tier. If you do any YouTube Marketing you'll see the value instantly. Try it here and you'll see. Its a  no-brainer!

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