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Editors note: This post is pretty inspiring and very timely for me personally. I am starting to wake up to my true calling – writing, recording and performing – and this is the kind of stuff – from someone who is making it happen – that has me believing. I hope that it inspires you the way it inspired me. Enjoy!

In a book I read not long ago titled “Do You” by Russell Simmons, he shared the discovery he made regarding success and the pursuit of “things” as a benchmark of success. He noted an unnamed MC who spent lots of money on a nice car and rims. Inevitably, sometime after the purchase the question shows up; “Is this it?“

Russell noted what many of us have felt after the euphoria of the moment is over: a feeling of emptiness. Further back in history a King named Solomon, presumed to be the richest man of his time said he indulged in every pleasure and bought every nice thing, yet in the end it was like chasing the wind.

Now, I’m not knocking nice things (considering that everybody that knows me would say I was fronting if I did – I LOVE NICE THINGS!!) I’m merely attempting to shed some light on what we’ve been taught or has been suggested to accept as success and what really is success. I’m going to leave the defining of success up to you; however I offer these thoughts for your consideration.

One of the most important questions to ask is; why am I doing what I’m doing? Whatever you’re reasoning is fine if it works for you, however, if in the end your sense of satisfaction doesn’t match up to what you thought it would, you have not really achieved what you set out for.

The shame isn’t in discovering that your judgment was wrong, we all go through that; the shame is in going hard for things that if we had deeply considered the cost would never have been pursued. I produce music because I can’t “not” do it! Music lives in me. I compose melodies because I hear their beauty in every hour of my day.

As a grown man I occasionally receive odd looks because I walk around ‘beat boxing’ when no one else hears any music. The drums are in my soul. I have been blessed with a gift that is so evident that even when I have performed well in other occupations the screaming question in my mind was: “What the hell are you doing, doing anything other than music?”

The world has over seven billion people. It is scientifically and mathematically impossible for you to walk in your gift and not have the life you desire. However, if you don’t know why you are pursuing a thing; “You may just be chasing the wind!”

My passion is creativity itself. My desire is to release excellence from my mind, my heart and my hands and to help all those that I can to do the same. These things I have discovered through shame, experience, deep thought and a little wind chasing of my own. I thank God for my current understanding.

One of my all time favorite rappers said this: “I’m focused man!” -Jay Z Ask yourself; are you focused on real success? True success will never leave you with an empty feeling.

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Roger E Lear, also known as REL, has been creating and producing music for over 22 years. He has helped many new as well as established artists create money making music. He has built his career as a full time music producer by providing excellent quality music production and song writing services.

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