Free Website Set-up for Bands and Musicians

Still don't have your own website? Check out this great deal for Musicgoat readers.

Start Your Website Today

Lets get you up and running so that you can start sending fans, press and venues to your very own branded website. I will help you to get the ball rolling by setting up the site for you and then helping you learn how to customize and manage your site.

Free WordPress Set-up is Perfect for…

  • Bands and Musicians who aren't the most “tech-savvy”
  • Bands and Musicians are busy making and performing music
  • Bands and Musicians who need a site up ASAP so you can get fans and sell music now
  • Bands and Musicians who need a hub for all there marketing and booking efforts
  • The intermediate blogger, writer or internet surfer who is new to owning and managing a website

Here's What You Get

  • WordPress installed on your FTP server (Free Theme)
  • 100% editable “mobile friendly” website
  • The best, musician friendly plugins
  • Up to 8 pages with instructions on what to put on them
  • Custom Navigation Menu
  • Your logo on every page
  • Free advertising vouchers for sites like Google and Facebook
  • Support from a fellow musician

What's The Catch?

There is none. This service is sponsored by the hosting services I am about to tell you about. When you sign up for one of these hosting services through Musicgoat, I get a commission. If you were to pay someone to do this for you it would cost at least $100 plus I am throwing in stuff like graphic design, free advertising and guidance on how to best set up your site .

How to Get Your Free Website Set-up

Just follow these steps to get your website started:

1. Sign up for hosting with one the following host providers:

>>> Sign up with Bluehost (Excellent Support!)

>>>Sign up with Hostgator (Get started for only a penny when you use coupon code “1CENT”)

2. Send the following information to freeinstall [at]

  • Host login information,
  • high quality images and logo
  • A link to where I can hear your tunes while I'm building your site

BONUS: Want to Start Building an Email List?

While you are at it, want to start building an email list? I can help you with that too.

Just sign-up for a $1 Trial of Aweber and send me the login info. I will help you get started by setting up a list and getting your sign-up forms on your website.


Q: Will my WordPress site integrate with my current social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc? A: Yepper. You can integrate with nearly any social site including site like Soundcloud, ReverbNation, etc. Q: Do I need to know HTML? A: A little but not much. WordPress if pretty newbie friendly these days. To use music as an example, if you only learned the G, C and D chords on guitar, you could play A LOT of songs. Obviously your not going to write a concerto only knowing a few guitar chords but you'll be able to jam a few tunes and maybe even entertain a few friends. And I will be an email or phone call away to help you.

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