Dollarphotoclub_93842077In preparation for the release of a collection of singles, I have read a few good music marketing books that wanted to pass along. IMHO every indie band and musician who is serious about building a fan base should check these out.

Those Music Marketing Books

Hack Your Hit by Jay Frank (@repojay)

I read Future Hit DNA by Jay a few years back and loved it so reading Hack Your Hit was a nobrainer the second I found out about it. Jay was at one time the Senior VP of Music Strategy for CMT.

There is so much juicy info in this books that my selfish side was really debating whether to tell anyone it so I could keep it to myself.

And on a “I'm on the right track note”, I was glad to see that there are a few things I am already doing that were mentioned in the book. For instance, like me, Jay is big on releasing singles.

Go read Hack Your Hit (affiliate link)

Divergent Streams by Kyle Bylin (@sidewinderfm)

OK, this “technically” isn't a music marketing book but it is packed full of forward thinking essays by forward thinking music industry players. These get you thinking about both the current and future state of the music of the music business. The books site describes it even better:

Divergent Streams is a collection of essays written by influential executives, startup founders, and thinkers in the music industry. It explores the revenue streams of the musicians who bring music into our world and how technology changed the way in which we discover their songs. It explores the failures of social music and what the ultimate listening experience might be. It explores the live music sector and what opportunities lie ahead.

Bets of all, it is completely free.

Go read Divergent Streams

Prepare to be Inspired

These books are very good at getting the wheels turning. Make sure you keep a notepad or related device handy along with keeping your internet connection open because I was constantly jotting down notes and looking up cool new resources.

Have you read either of these? If so, I would love to hear what you thought of them. Let me know what you thought in the comments below?

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