I've been getting questions lately and instead of just answering them privately, I figured hey, why not share with all of you. So at the risk of putting out a Dear Abby vibe, here is a post i am gonna call… wait for it….Reader Mail (Catchy huh?).

In today's post, electronic artist Chris Davis asks me for some social media content ideas.


Hi Corey,

As I am reading all those marketing articles I (personally) am faced with this problem: they say that you have to twitter, blog or post on FB (facebook) at least once a day, for FB it is even better to post 2x a day.

Can anybody give me an idea of what to write about? I know there are many who write the shit from the sky, but this is not me. I already went for posting Sioux wisdom guides per day, or even quotes from Albert Einstein. This subject will probably “ruin” my new approach as I am so speechless (so to say).

(You can check out his music here: http://www.reverbnation.com/playsomegoodmusic)

My Best Guess


Content can be simple stuff like quotes (like you mentioned) but there are a few other things you could do.

Right of the top of my head, sharing links to articles or music that you think is cool is pretty simple. Music is self explanatory. For links I use Feedly to subscribe to a ton of blogs and then share it right from within Feedly.

For blogs I've take songs and broken them down with comments about the lines or story in the song (like this). That actually worked pretty good and still gets traffic from fans of those bands months after I posted it.

I've also shared snapshots from shows, the studio, album covers, etc. Check out my Instagram profile to see what I mean. From Instagram, you can post right to Facebook and Twitter too (3 birds with one stone.

You could share info about your tunes, why you wrote them or how your produced them.

You could make and share simple videos with Vine, Instagram or YouTube and share them everywhere.

Try a few of those using interesting and conversational content that shows what you are all about as a creator and a person and see what works.

Here's an infographic about creating content that might jog a few more ideas out of your head.


What do you think?

Did I miss anything? Did I hit the mark? Am I full of crap? What are you doing? Let us know in the comments below.

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