When I heard about Google Music and read a few stories (below), I figured I would jump in with both feet and get in while the gittin is good. Hell, maybe even snag some new listens before everyone and there mother has their tracks streaming and up for sale.

Here are a few quick observations I had when researching and signing up for Google Music.

My Observations

The good…

  • No middle man. Just you and Google
  • Google is SUPER conscience about rights. They are constantly emphasizing that you own everything (music, pictures, copy, etc) that you are uploading. Yeah many sites are like this but they just go above and beyond.
  • Your songs go right into the Android market, are available to be streamed on Google Music, are sharable on Google + and on YouTube along sode your videos (this is huge in my opinion). Also, I'm assume the tracks will be more prominent on Google's old school search. All pluses in my book.
  • They offer listeners the chance to share full songs. Which is a good thing (I hate only being able to hear partial songs don't you?).
  • When I was setting up my album they give you the option to offer tracks in the following ways: totally free, paid with two free plays, paid with no free plays.
The less than good…
  • Right now there is an approval process. After entering your info and uploading your songs and you have to wait for Google to review both your profile info and your songs.
  • I read through ALL of the terms of service and to be honest, there are a few things that make a guy nervous. … the appropriate stuff… Make sure you read through everything before you sign on the dotted line.
  • They take 30% not the best deal in the world but they are competitive with other services in the space (minus Bandcamp).
  • Building a mailing list is huge in my opinion. I love interacting with new and avid listeners of my music. Not clear on how Google Music is going to help me do that.

Others Observations

Google Music Artist Intro Page

Hear about the service from Google themselves.

Google Just Dropped Two Gigantic Bombs on the Music Industry…

This Digital Music News post sold me on putting my music on Google Music.

Google Music's Artist Hub turns indie musicians into personal record labels

Personal record labels? Yeah kinda.

Have you had any experience with Google Music? Have any thoughts? Share the in the comments below.

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