keep you posted on the whole Google Plus Page thing, I have a few things for you to check out. I came across a great resource on how to create your Google Plus page as well as another post outlining some of the things you can't do with Google Plus Pages.

How To Get Started With Google Plus Pages For Business

Yeah it says business but if it makes you feel better, pretend it say musicians or bands or whatever. Either way, Christopher Penn puts out top shelf  info on anything related to marketing and social media. This post gives you a quick guide to setting up your Page.

UPDATE: Create A Google Plus Business Page in 2 Minutes

Like to learn via a video better? Check out Paul Colligan's how-to video

Why You Should Get A Google Plus Page For Your Music ASAP

Wondering why you even need yet another page? Read this and you'll see.

I Wish I Never Heard of Google Brand Pages

Uber Social Guru Robert Scoble has a few interesting point in this post. It will give you an idea of what you can't do with Google Plus (like not being able to have more than one admin for your page).

My Google Plus page is a work in progress but you can check it out if you'd like.

Corey Koehler Music on Google Plus 

Do you have any tips or know of any other resources that can help us musicians get the most out of Google Plus? Great, feel free to share them below.

Creative Commons License photo credit: The Daring Librarian

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