Here are a few simple ways you can leverage the Grammy Awards to promote your music.

I posted this last year and it was very well received so I figure I would re-post along with the addition of an idea involving Instagram.

1) Write a Blog

Writing a blog could bring in some potential fans and industry types to your website.

For instance, you could write a blog about some of the artists in your genre that are nominated. If you are in the same genre as the Black Keys – who are nominated for album of the year – you could write about why they do or do not deserve it.

Or maybe there is a kick ass artist or band in your genre that you think were snubbed. Write about why they should be up for a nomination. You could attract some of there fans who are looking to join the bitch session.

Just be sure you include some Grammy Awards or Grammy's and the Artists Name in the headline for some search engine juice.

UPDATE: Seeing as how my music is of the Americana, Country, Folk Rock ilk, here's an example of a post I did that I am guessing would appeal to fans in those genres Grammy’s Levon Helm Tribute Should Feature This Song

2) Use Social Media

Jumping into the conversation – both during the week and the night of the show – on sites like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter could get you a few new fans. In Google Plus and Twitter you can just follow along using #hashtags and then just jump in when you have something to add. Just make sure your profile has a link to your site.

On Facebook you could either swing by the official Grammy page or find an artist fan page to jump into or start a conversation on.

3) Comment on Blogs

There is going to be a ton of press this week leading up to Grammy's. Keep an eye on your favorite blogs, websites and e-zines. When you see a post that you can add your two cents to, jump into the conversation ASAP. Make sure you put a link to your site if they offer that. If your comment is good people may want to learn more about you by click on your name.

4) **UPDATE** Post on Instagram

Here's one I just thought of. If you have an iPhone or any phone with the ability to do a screen capture, you could go on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, etc and do screen captures of the album covers of the songs or artists, in your genre, that up for nomination.

Then, just add #hashtags to the photo. Something like #grammy #artistname or #grammys or whatever. I bet you will generate plenty of conversations and making make a new friend/fan.

You can promote your music from your couch. Doesn't get much easier than that.

That's all I have for now. That was just a quick brain dump to get you thinking.

Try one or two of them out. Then, instead of wishing you were one of the at the show receiving an award and/or rubbing elbows with the who's who in the music biz, you can actually use the awards show to promote your music. Maybe you'll be up there next year.

Did I miss any? Have you done anything like this before? Tell us in the comments below.


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