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Since writing a post about Google Plus from a musicians perspectiveabout a month ago, I've been tracking what other people have been saying about it.

I want to learn more myself and I to see if artists and music “Guru's” where seeing what I was seeing.

Today I share all that info with you. Enjoy…

HypebotWarning: Do NOT Start a Google+ Account for Your Band, Label, Studio or Store. Here's Why

Bands, I am starting with this one because many of you been asking how to start a band page and here is your answer. IMPORTANT: I would still recommend check out the rest of articles below though so that you understand it. Also you might find a few tips on you an your band mates could use it in the meantime.

Bob BakerGoogle Plus for Music Marketing

Bob has been helping musicians market their stuff for eons. He has really jumped on this whole Google Plus thing. In this article he show a few examples of how musicians are using Google Plus Hangouts (Hmmm, now where have I heard that before…? hint).

Gen Y RockstarsWhy Social Media is Actually Ruining Your Ability to Obtain Fans

Eric Hebert points out the dangers of chasing fans on the latest social media craze. Even though I feel some of his angst is directed at guys like me (“Led Astray by Music Industry Bloggers”) and he comes off as a little whiny (“these music bloggers are making my job so hard”…just being honest), he knows what he is talking about and I think he makes some great points.

Internet Marketing This WeekIf You Want To Pull A Persons Eye

It is not specifically geared towards music marketing but that's fine. I typically learn more from the non-music internet marketers – who are often more ahead of the curve – than I do from the music marketing guys. This is the most “put it in perspective” discussion i've heard or read on the subject of Google Plus.

Marketing Over CoffeeNow With More Google Plus

Chris and John are awesome and each listen generate so many ideas on marketing in general. anything they say about Google Plus is worthy of your attention. OH and here's a bonus for you, make sure you check out their Derek Sivers (CDBaby founder) interview.

That should do it for today. Book mark this post becuase I will update it when I find other things great things about Google Plus.

What about you? Have you been using Google Plus with any success or otherwise?

Also, if you have any great resources that you've come across, share. Put a link in the comments below.

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