One of the most common things I hear from fellow guitar players when I ask them if they've been playing at all is “man I just don't have the time”. I totally understand since I've been there before myself so I usually throw out this simple guitar playing  tip.

It's real simple….make sure you see your guitar at all times. Just set that sucker next to the TV, computer or somewhere else where you will be able to see it alot. If it is there you will pick it up, trust me. It will call to you. I started doing it with my PRS Guitar all the time and it worked like a charm.

Hell, even if you pick it up for just two minutes and it doesn't do anything for you that time, that's fine, I guarantee there will be that time where a quick pick-up turns into a stress relieving marathon or an inspiring journey of learning and discovery (how's that for cheesy?).

But seriously, go right now and dig that sucker out from under the mounds of crap in your basement and set it up. If it doesn't pull a few chords out of you right then and there, just find a good spot to put it and go about your business. It will call to you sooner or later.

Oh and before I let you go, a few words of caution. Wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfreinds, or all of the above, may not find the instrument visually appealing as it relates to your home decor (which is hard to understand if you've ever seen my PRS Guitar and now my Taylor). You'll just have to figure that part out by yourself. I suggest learning or writing a ballad or two (wink, wink).

Happy jamming!

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