FacebookI was reading a post over on Digital Music News bitching about Facebook making it hard to reach your fans.

I would change the headline to “Facebook is making it harder for people with crappy content to reach fans.”

Facebook values its customers (i.e. every person who hangs out on Facebook). Without them they are nothing. If you’re content is creating a bad experience for their customers – and they can tell via their algorithm (look it up EdgeRank) or worse if there are complaining – you are going to get penalized by them not showing your posts or ads.

Its no different then you playing in a club. If you are not drawing a crowd, not entertaining the crowd or worse, pissing off the crowd, the club owner isn’t inviting you back.

It would also be like complaining that the radio station isn't playing every song that gets sent to them. They do not have airtime for everyone, only the best.

Solution, create content that people like, comment, share and click on.

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