When most artists and musicians dream about becoming stars they think of private planes, big houses, lots of bling (wow, did I just say bling?), hordes of willing groupies and pretty much anything else described in that Nickelback tune. But, after giving it some serious thought, I think that that kind of thinking is a little shortsighted and may be completely off base. I think that there is something that would be a lot better.

One of my favorite all time music related stories was about when Willie Nelson had to auction off all of his property to pay off his tax debt. The day of the auction, a large group of his fans showed up, purchased various pieces of property and then gave each piece right back back to Willie. Now that is a fan base!

How did he do it? I have a feeling that it had to do with most, or all, of the following; He stay true to himself, worked his ass off, stayed connected to the fans and worried most about how we could help others. I think if we can do that, the rest of the stuff – if it even matters at that point – will take care of itself.

What do you think?

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