DIY Music Production

Having basic recording and music production skills can go along way in helping you make more money with music. Whether you need recordings for demo's, securing gigs, communicating ideas with band members or full blown releases, having a working knowledge of home music recording is essential.

So essential in fact, that I figured it was time I whipped up some pages of info aimed at giving you a general overview.

And just so you know, if you find that any of this isn't going deep enough down the rabbit hole for you, you need to visit my buddy Joe Gilder's Home Studio Corner. He goes deep and when he's finished with you, you will be a pro – not kidding (tell him Corey at Musicgoat said hi).

1) Home Music Recording Overview (What is Home Recording, Getting Started)
2) Home Recording Equipment (Setting Up Your Studio)
3) Preparing to Record (Pre-Production)
4) Recording Your Audio (Production)
5) Mixing and Editing Your Recording (postproduction)

6) how to record vocals COMING SOON
7) how to record guitar COMING SOON
8) home recording guide COMING SOON
9) audio recording interface buyers guide COMING SOON
10) how to select the right home studio software COMING SOON

11) Analog vs Digital in Music Production
12) How To Improve Your Listening Skills in Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering
13) DIY Electronic Music Production Basics Series
14) 10 Tips for Better DIY Recording 
15) What Does Music Producer Even Do?
16) 5 Steps To Becoming a Music Producer


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