guitarWant to know how to choose a guitar tuner that will help you sound great every time you play the guitar?

If so, keep reading.

Tuning your guitar has to be done before every show. Everyone knows that, but the problem becomes what equipment we buy to help us tune.

For guitar players, you know how difficult it is to tune a guitar. Just about everything affects the tuning, so it's critical that you get an accurate tuner.

Contrary to popular belief, guitar tuners are not all created equal. Yes, some tuners “tune” better than others, but getting the gauge to reach 0 isn't always an indication that the guitar is going to be tuned.

Here are some tips that you can try that help tune your guitar much more effectively.

Grover Locking Tuners

There are other locking devices in regards to tuning pieces, but no others are easier to work with than Grover. The appearance is unique, but more specifically it is easier to access. These pieces are self-contained, making the tuning much easier for you.

They also come in different colors: black, chrome, gold. Some tuners are actually “hard” to maneuver, but the Grover locking tuners are “soft” allowing easier torque to be applied. Within the line, they also have roto-grip tuners. These tuners are better to be used by novices.

Once you get more advanced, the locking tuners are better to use. Locking tuners are better to be used for longer guitar playing (concerts, recitals, etc.). Note: there are other brands that have locking tuners. Grover is just one of the better ones.

Diecast Tuning

These are your simplistic, basic tuners. They hold a lot of value and selection so depending on what kind of guitar you have; there is a diecast tuner for you. They work almost like roto-grip tuners.

These are best for a jam session or a shortened session with friends and family.

Economy Tuners

As the name states, the economy tuners are cheaper. Generally speaking, they are more for a quick fix than anything – nothing long-lasting. That's okay though because you can still have a good sound on a budget.

As you can see there are many guitar tuners available. There are even turners for bass guitars. The sky is the limit for your guitar but rest assured, whatever model or brand you have there is a tuner that is right for you. They cover all price ranges, so there is something that fits your budget, too.

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Guest Post: Scoot Upton is music lover and likes to play guitar. He writes and shares his knowledge about guitar parts, tuners and other important information. Here he tries to provide information on Guitar Tuners.

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