find a music producerWondering how to find a music producer or song demo service?

If you need either of those and you want the process to be fast and easy while giving your the best representation of your song, you'll love this.

Let's start from the top.

So, you’ve got a song idea. But you’re not quite sure how to bring it to life.

Traditionally, developing a song tends to be a longer process of making song demos, generating chord progression and riff ideas (with your guitarist), and testing out different combinations of instruments until you’re happy with the arrangement.

But even when you’re finally ready for the studio, you could easily end up spending multiple hours and hundreds of dollars just to get one song fully produced.

Today, we’re going to be looking at a tool that helps you take your sketches and ideas and turn them into full-blown professional quality demos without your active involvement at every step. And that’s not all… This tool can help you with your marketing too!

Keep reading to discover what ItyDity is all about and what it can do for you.

How To Find A Music Producer Using ItyDity

What Does ItyDity Promise To Be Able To Help You Do?

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • What if you could have your sketch or song idea transformed into a professional quality song?
  • What if you could have top producers from across the world create their own interpretations of your song sketches and turn them into fully developed tracks?
  • And what if you could select your favorite rendition and put the final touches on it with the producer you’ve chosen?

Well, that’s exactly what’s available with ItyDity. If you’re familiar with the idea of crowdsourcing or have used a service like 99designs, then you already know how this works. You can put your project idea in front of a bunch of people (in this case music producers) and have them submit drafts. Then, you get to choose which one you like best and finalize the project.

You could also think of it as a songwriter/producer matchmaking service.

Now, you’re probably wondering whether there’s a catch. But ItyDity is quite transparent in sharing that the artist or songwriter retains 100% songwriting royalties, as well as 90% sound recording royalties. The remaining 10% is split between ItyDity and the producer.

All this is available for less than what an intermediate Taylor acoustic generally costs.

But this is not all that ItyDity offers. We also think you should know about…

The Song Blueprint

The Song Blueprint is a new, powerful tool that can help you figure out your unique identity as a songwriter. Essentially, it’s a personalized style guide that details your musical genre, the mood and emotions that your music evokes, colors associated with your genre, and more.

Some songwriters have a good idea what their identity, persona, and branding is. But if you’re one of the many that doesn’t really know yet, a) you’re not alone, and b) it’s not your fault.

Now, you could go through a longer journey of researching, asking fans, talking to reviewers, and more, just to get a better sense of how your music is being perceived (because let’s face it – it isn’t about how you feel about your music, it’s about how others feel about it).

But how long is that going to take, and wouldn’t you rather know what your musical identity is now?

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music marketing tools

Determining Your Unique Musical Identity With The Song Blueprint

As songwriters, we like to think of our music as being completely unique, different from everything else that’s out there. Right?

And yes, our music is our music. There is a unique imprint on the songs we write and create. Because they are true to us. Songs are how we express ourselves.

But there’s also no denying that, from a practical standpoint, we all use words (for our lyrics). We all use notes and chords. We all use rhythms and beats. So long as we’re making music, these are inescapable truths.

And that means we are all a byproduct of the unique combination of influences we’ve adopted. And that’s something to be embraced, not ignored or denied!

When you’re clear on who you are, you will begin to discover new ways of sharing your music with your target audience, and you’ll be able to do it more effectively besides.

How Does The Song Blueprint Work?

To create your own Song Blueprint, all you need to do is pick the top three songs that have influenced you from YouTube. ItyDity will generate the rest!

Once your report is ready, you’ll be able to see:

  • Your emotional expression. This is represented by colors, like pink, brown, turquoise, yellow, and so on. ItyDity will also tell you what each of these colors mean and how they come across in your artistic image and branding.
  • Your moods. What moods does your music convey? Maybe it’s bittersweet, fun, cheerful, or sweet. Maybe it’s passionate, confident, or quirky. More than likely, it’s a combination of things, and ItyDity will show you how the puzzle pieces that make up your songwriter identity.
  • Your primary genres. You are a product of the influences you’ve nurtured through the years, and this part of the report will show you how your music stacks up in terms of genre – alternative, rock, pop, electronic, country, and so on.
  • Your secondary genres. This is where there’s bound to be some new discoveries in terms of new genres to describe your music, like indie pop, alt pop, adult alternative, country rock, and so on.
  • Your instruments. This part will tell you whether your music is more guitar-driven or keys-driven. You also get to see a more in-depth breakdown of instruments used.
  • Your production techniques. Is your music concise or busy, dry or wet, clean or dirty? This section of the report will show you.
  • Your artist family tree. You get to see a chart of who your influences were influenced by, and another level deep after that (who your secondary influences were influenced by).
  • Your roots and eras. Here you get to see musical archetypes, when they were most prominent, and how much they play a part in your musical style.

What You Can Do With The Song Blueprint

You’re probably starting to see the picture form already.

When it comes to sharing and promoting your music, knowledge is power.

The more you know about your music, the better you can describe it to prospective fans. And that gives you the ability to grow your fan base long-term.

Here are several ways in which your Blueprint can help you market your music better.

Find New Audiences To Target Your Music To

Nowadays, reaching your audience organically can be an uphill battle. Not to mention, there may be a limit to the number of people who are interested in the things you’ve been tailoring your marketing to.

Are you looking for a new audience to target in your advertising? Developing a new angle might just be a matter of scanning your Blueprint and discovering genre and micro-genre terms you haven’t used before.

If you’re looking to branch out to find new fans, this is a handy thing to have at your disposal.

Create A More Effective Artist Bio

When writing an artist bio, the tendency is to fill it with colorful adjectives that sound exciting, but at the end of the day, don’t adequately describe your music or tell your audience what your music is about (e.g., active, bright, vigorous, etc.).

With your Blueprint, you should be able to identify words that are more effective and direct in sharing what your music is all about. Your bio will get read, and the better story you can tell, the better the opportunities you will ultimately get.

Write More Compelling Emails

We could just generalize and say, “write more compelling copy,” but either way, the point should be clear.

As a songwriter, you will find yourself describing your music on countless occasions – to reviewers and bloggers, radio stations and playlist curators, and even at parties as you meet new people.

Using the right terms to describe your music can create curiosity and interest, which can lead to your music being heard by more people.

ItyDity’s Customer Support – Our Experience

ItyDity’s customer support is fast, responsive and full of personality.

I contacted them because I wanted to see a sample song Blueprint and still wasn’t able to access it after I followed the link in the email and registered a new account.

The live chat assistant said they just published changes to the site and that I’d be able to access it in a moment.

I wasn’t immediately able to view the Blueprint, but I tried clicking on the link in the email again, and sure enough, it worked!

The support assistant responded with “Yay o'clock!”

It’s little touches like this that can make all the difference.

Final Thoughts – Our Verdict On ItyDity

If you’re a songwriter wondering how to find a music producer, ItyDity is worth adding to your bookmarks. This service represents an excellent opportunity for you to find short- and long-term collaborators to make your musical ideas a reality.

And The Song Blueprint isn’t just a bonus or fun add-on. It’s a great product and opportunity all its own!

Click here to get your song blueprint and see how ItyDity can help you.

(Before you go… make sure you get access to my music promotion resources in “The Vault” by clicking here or on the image below)

music marketing tools

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Fiverr – Need help marketing and promoting your music? Me too which is why I use Fiverr. I use it to have lyric videos made and tedious small stuff. They have tons of help available for DIY musicians. You can hire people for as little as $5 to help you with stuff like: Flyers(Creation/Distribution), Reviews, Bio’s, Music Industry Contact Lists, Lyric Videos, Music Submission (Radio, Mags, Blogs), Press Release (Creation/Distribution), Website SEO, Social Media (Bookmarking, Likes, Views, & Tweets), Custom Album Art and more. Click here to see what you can get help.

TubeBuddy – Just started testing this, but damn, the handy optimization tools alone saved me a ton of time already. So much to love for marketing geeks like me. They have a feature-filled free tier. If you do any YouTube Marketing you'll see the value instantly. Try it here and you'll see. Its a  no-brainer!

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