Wondering how to get more subscribers on YouTube? Well here's a super simple hack and it won't take you more than 5-10 minutes to set up.

Most of the time people don't subscribe because the subscribe button isn't right there in front of them and they don't think about it. And very few people are going to go hunting for it.

But if we put it right in front of them and make it brain dead simple, the chance they will subscribe are MUCH better.

Get More Subscribers

Here's a YouTube subscribe link using my YouTube Channel:


Just replace the ‘musicgoattv' with your channel name and buh bam… you are in business.

Watch this video to see it in action.

Now, Share Away

Now anywhere you share that link, it will immediately take the interested person straight to your Youtube channel and ask them to confirm their subscription. Cool huh?

You could post on Twitter and say “Hey peeps, subscribe to my Youtube channel. click here – [your link]” or in a blog post or and email. the sky is the limit.

You could add the link to your website or send to your email subscribers to get them to subscribe.

Click the link above and go try it out for yourself.

If you are not into big ugly web links, you could also create a short, branded version using a URL shortener to get a link that looks like this:


I use a WordPress Plugin called Pretty Links for mine but you could check out Bit.ly or do a Google search (there are a bunch out there).

More tricks where that came from.. check out this YouTube tool…

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