Nipper the dogLooking for a quick and simple way to offer your fans some merch (or even make your own custom swag)? No problem. I have an simple solution for you to get a band merch store up and running fast. Check it out.

Here is a Musicgoat store  that I whipped up a in about an hour using a site called Zazzle.

Zazzle Dazzle…

I went with Zazzle because they seem to cater to musicians and artistic types plus – and this is a big plus – they give you a commission on sales for stuff sold outside of your store. Meaning, should one of your fans decide to look around and find other stuff and buy it, you get a little somethin, somethin yourself. Cool huh?

Plus, they have a ton of cool stuff to slap your band logo on. Besides the obvious stuff like T-shirts, buttons and posters they also have cool stuff like skateboards, shoes and iPod cases.

I Know What You're Thinking…

For the record, I am sure there are better deals out there if you are looking to buy merch in bulk for your shows or for a tour BUT if you are looking for a very quick way to throw up a merch store without worrying about building your own online store where you have to do the shipping and handling, this is the way to go.

Go check out Zazzle now.

What do you think?

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Creative Commons License photo credit: chucknado

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