I saw this Mashables Cover Song Faceoff today and it reminded me of how powerful a YouTube cover song can be especially if you do it right.

The two things I noticed is how some of the artists are really missing the boat and how others are really maximizing the exposure. Let me explain.

Missing The Boat

They have hardly any info in the video description and worst of all, they do not have any links to a download store or a website where they can capture an interested fans information. Here's an example of a description that could be better.

On The Right Track

The ones doing it right are putting links to their websites and/or iTunes store right at the top of the video description section. Like this guy , he certainly has plenty of links (almost overkill but hey).

For What It's Worth

I like to put both up types of link up top on my videos. I make the first link go to a landing page offering a free track in exchange for their email address.

I like to make sure I can start the process of building a relationship with the new fan and keep them around for future promotions. Check out how I do it here.


to really cross your I's and dot those T's, you can learn about some other things you can do to make your video's more searchable on this video SEO tips page I found for you.

In The End

Now you have now idea whether or not your are going to pick the right tune OR even get your video showcased on a high traffic site like Mashable. But do yourself a favor and take a few extra seconds to add at least one link to make sure you are prepared if it does because you never know.

Need More Views?

Check out TubeBuddy. Its a YouTube optimization app for your browser that will save you tons of time looking for good tags, related videos and linking up related videos to keep people binging on your stuff. Click here or the image below to check it out.Side

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