Today I am gonna show you how to promote your music, a bunch of different ways, for only $5 a pop.

Last year when I was releasing a song a month I found this great site called Fiverr.

I use it to get a press release created, to get some custom album art made and to have my music promoted on social media.

Why Fiverr is a Great Tool To Promote Your Music

Fiverr is a huge deal IMHO.

As DIY musicians you and I barely have time to create music and we generally have limited budget which often prevents us from hiring people to help with the other stuff.

Using Fiverr gives us the opportunity to free up more time for the creative stuff without costing an arm and two legs.

Fiverr gives musicians the opportunity to free up more time for the creative stuff without costing an arm and TWO legs.

Watch the video and look over my shoulder as I explain some of the great gigs available to help you promote your music on Fiverr.

Here's the list from the video that shows some of the ways you can promote your music on Fiverr:

  • Spotify Playlist Submissions
  • Flyers (Creation/Distribution)
  • Reviews, Bio’s
  • Music Industry Contact Lists
  • Music Submission (Radio, Mags, Blogs)
  • Press Release (Creation/Distribution)
  • Website SEO
  • Social Media (Bookmarking, Likes, Views, & Tweets)
  • Custom Album Art
  • Audio Production
  • Studio Musicians
  • More… Get Creative!

That should give you plenty of ideas on how to promote your music.

While I have you:

Here are a few ways to make your Fiverr experience go smoother.

Fiverr Gig Ordering Tips

I learned this stuff the hard way:

I hired the wrong people and either got some crappy work or no work. With crappy work you are out $5 not the end of the world but five bucks is five bucks.

You get your money back with the no work situation.

But it sucks.

Because you wait and wait when instead you could have someone else working on it.

ANYWAY, just follow these guidelines and things should go smoother for you.

Here the checklist of things you should do when preparing for and making your order. It just makes things go smoother.

1) Sort by highest rated 
Just safer that way. But if they are new but have a style you like, contact them before hand to get a feel for who they are.
2) Contact the people you are interested in hiring before you hire them
I do this all the time. Just ask a simple question or two. You will learn a lot from their response.
How long did it take? Do they seem to know what they are talking about? Are they friendly?
3) Share a sample of your tunes with lyrics
You are gonna want the writer and/or designer to get a feel for you music.
4) Know what you want
Have rough idea of what in mind before reaching out to them.
Hell, do a little research even. Find out what the basic elements of a good Bio are or press release.
5) Check their order queue
Look in the top right corner of the gig. See where you are in the queue and check how many days on average it will take to to get your stuff to make sure it fits within the time frame you need.
6) Read the reviews
Self explanatory.
If you are doing any graphic design stuff like album art:
7) Have your logo ready
And any other images like band photo's ready.
8) Look for designers that are willing to do at least 1 revision for free
Sometime you may not like the first version so it is nice to be able to make adjustments. Some charge you for that.
9) Specify the size of the image you want
1400 x 1400 is what iTunes requires. Start there because it is better to scale down than to scale up (looks like crap).

So, there you have it. Now you are a lean, mean Fiverr music promotin' machine.

Go over there and give it a try.


(P.S. To get access to the Vault for 10+ resources to help your music career, click here or the image below)

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