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Hey Musicians And Producers…

Want Another Way To Make Money With Music Without Selling Music Or Playing Gigs?

This Step By Step Video Guide Helps Musicians Find Sources Of Making Money With Music Using Their Music Skills Without Having To Sell Music or Play Gigs.

This sounds crazy:

The farther down this page you read, you'll start to feel that your crazy dream of being a money-making musician is less crazy than you, or those “concerned” family and friends, think it is.

If you are like most of the musicians out there, you are focusing on sales from downloads, cd’s, merch and gigs.

Yep, your big dreams are hinging on a $.99 download here, a $10 CD there, maybe a handful of streams for $.004 each AND, my fave, collecting $25 in loose change and a free ham and rye panini after driving 2 hours to play 4 hours.

Yep, it is part of the deal. It is what we signed up for and its part of payin' those dues.

But there are tons of opportunities out there to make money with your music related skills. Plenty of opportunities to make money while you shlog through the less inviting parts of being a musician.

I discovered that a bunch of the skills and creativity that I've put into building my music career are in high demand. Businesses with real budgets that a willing to pay good money.

And you'll see, there is a ton of opportunity out there for you as well.

making music pay

These opportunities have budgets that range from $50 up to $4000…

To give you an idea of the opportunity out there, I went through “just one” of the sources I talk about in the course and compiled a list of music-related opportunities that were posted in just 48 hours.

Which of these would you be qualified to do?

  • Music score creation needed for a theatre show
  • Jamboxx MIDI project
  • Looking for a tech/edm producer
  • Need sound track for 6 levels of a game
  • Compose and produce vox, instrument or beat tracks
  • Affordable & Talented Beat Maker for Long Term Work
  • Instrumental needed for a simple song
  • Need Freelance Audio Editors for Podcast Production Company (Multiple)
  • Need sound effects and music work for mobile app
  • 45 Tracks of Relaxing Children's Music
  • Sports theme Music
  • Song composition in my lyrics
  • Gather info for record labels in the US & Canada
  • Young Female voice with Sensual Voice
  • Sound artist needed
  • Writer Needed for a Country Music Website
  • Music Composition needed for Fitness App

And that was only 48 hours worth of posts on ONE platform that I will show you.

Follow The Exact Same System I Used To Make $1320 On The Side

Corey Koehler Cut Out smlAnd that was just on music gigs. When you consider the fact that I turned this into my full time gig as a marketing consultant who made just over six figures in 2018, there's no telling where this could take you.

You get my step by step video course.

This course takes you by the hand and walks you through everything you need to know to get the best projects and give yourself the best chance to win them and start earning.

Everything has been done for you.

I made the mistakes. I spent hours looking for information. Poking, prodding, mixing and matching. Failing. Succeeding. Blowing time. Blowing money. You don't have to.

You can do WAY better than I do.

So far, I have made $1320+ on the side with one of the income sources I share with you (there are a few). And honestly, I do not have a quarter of the music-related skills or background that most musicians do.

Seriously, read the following email I got from one my early course takers. When you start using words like a composition, my eyes start to cross but he got paid to do it.

“I truly enjoyed your course and I'm thankful you put it out there for a reasonable price too. In one week I got two paid composition/songwriting jobs. No big jobs but I'm happy I got them and that was a very encouraging start!”

– Nicolas Kluzek, KittyKatsSounds

Online Training Accessible From Any Device

making music pay devices

Get Instant Lifetime Access for What Ever You Think Is Fair (In Other Words… Pay What You Want).

Click the button below now and you'll be taken to the checkout page. As soon as that's out of the way, you will be taken straight to the course page to see how to make money doing what you love (and proving those “concerned” parents and friends wrong).

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In just a few hours you will be applying to work on fun music-related projects. If you’ve done a good job following my instructions, you'll be winning those projects within a day or two and making money (maybe even one of those $4,000 dollar projects).

Don’t be a slacker!

This is your chance to stop procrastinating and start producing. Making Music Pay will show you that it is possible to go from “broke musician” to “earning musician.”

It’s just one step, but it’s the most important one.

“If you are looking to earn an income making music then this is a no brainer..”

What DIY Musicians Say About Making Music Pay…

I truly enjoyed your course and I'm thankful you put it out there for a reasonable price too. In one week I got two paid composition/songwriting jobs. No big jobs but I'm happy I got them and that was a very encouraging start!
Nicolas Kluzek

Music Composer/ Music Producer / Music Teacher

What DIY Musicians Say About Corey's (aka Musicgoat's) Teaching….

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