When you start to DJ the hardest thing is to beatmatch. Now that you are a great DJ, the next obstacle to overcome is how to promote yourself and show your talent in front of music lovers.

With experience and research I have put forth great Facebook method to promote yourself voraciously and getting enough money making gigs.


1) Create a FB Fanpage and put as much info as you can.

2)Share your remixes/tracks on fanpage.

3)Use your Fanpage  (by clicking arrow beside ‘Home' tab).

4) Search popular DJ's like David Guetta, Afrojack, etc and like their comments. Like as many comments as you can because Facebook doesn't ban you for liking comments so you're going to take advantage of that.

So..Basically what you are doing is Logging in as Fanpage and liking comments, the people whose comments were liked will be notified by Fb and they will surely visit your fanpage and will like your Fanpage in return! So if you liked 1000 Comments, approx 800 people will like your FB page. Now tell me this is not great !


1) Add ‘DJ' in your FB Page name so that people will know that you're a DJ.

2) When you have enough FB Page likes, like your Local Clubs FB Page and surely they will contact you for Gigs !

3) You can even make money from your FB page by uploading your Tracks on iTunes and sharing it (Make sure all the loops are made by you or you will land in copyright law suit).

Guest Post: I'm Satyajit Kulkarni. I own a blog DJing 123 . I'm a basic DJ and learning Digital Music Production. You can email me at sdkulkarniB@gmail.com

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