live music productionEver think about getting a performance coach?

For bands and artists, good songs, good chops and good marketing are critical if you plan to make money with your music.

DUH right?

But, if your live show sucks, you are missing a great opportunity to multiply your efforts and sweeten your bank account.

Improving your live show should be a top priority if you are gigging on a regular basis (or plan to).

One of the best ways to improve your live show and 10x your results is to work with a Live Show Producer.

There are not many around so I was lucky to find Bram Beshoff at

I won’t get into the details (I’ll let him do that), but, after working with Bram, there was a notable difference in my shows.

The first show I used his advice on was an unpaid gig at a local listening room on an off night. I had an audience of 11.

Yeah, 11 people isn’t exactly what I had hoped for but a good enough to get a feel for how well this was going to work.

During the show it was amazing, almost freaky, how well everything worked. People really fell into the stories, stayed glued to the songs and participated when called upon. Nobody talked, all eyes were on me the entire set.

For a guy who has had the jukebox turned on in the middle of a set and been shut down for a college football game, this was a welcome scenario.

The cherry on top came at the end of the show when 8 out of the 11 audience members lined up by my makeshift merch table. They bought $80 worth of CD’s and can koozies.

$80 for an hour shows, playing my own music to a crowd of highly engaged listeners. I’ll take that any day of the week.

Bottom line, this stuff works.

Want to find out how to improve your performance, go check out Bram’s website at

Not only does he know his stuff, but he’s a great guy too. Tell him I sent you.

(P.S. If you’d like to get in the habit of releasing music and building your audience for your live shows click here or the image below)

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