Are you a musician stuck in on of the following situations? A music teacher in an obscure town, students may be quite hard to find. You’re a talented musician who’s struggling to catch a break and stuck in a job you don’t like just to make ends meat. Or maybe you're a school music teacher who wants to make a little money with music on the side to pay for this year’s family holiday.

If so, maybe you should consider teaching a musical instrument on the global communication giant – Skype.

For people who don’t know, Skype is a wonderful tool created to help people stay in touch – regardless of where in the world you are. If you have Skype and a headset, and the other person does too, you can speak for as long as you like without having to pay a single penny! Although this is without question the most popular use of the tool, there are others too!

Skype is also used for business conferences to some success. It’s revolutionized the way we keep in contact with long distance acquaintances – but over the past couple of years it’s started to change the way in which we learn musical instruments.

As mentioned previously – if you’re a music teacher in a small town, far away from any metropolitan area, you might find it difficult to pick up any new business – especially considering the recent global economic climate. With the help of a computer, headset, speakers and Skype, this problem no longer exists. Think about all the money you’d save having to travel from student to student, and the time you’d save from spending all your teaching time in the comfort of your own home!

If you’re a talented musician who’s looking to join a band or play a few gigs, but you’re not quite having the luck you need, instead of working long hours in a bar or at a garage, look to teaching students on Skype in order to bring some money in.

You might be a music student, about to entertain the world in the next couple of years, but those student bills are piling up and you need some cash – what better way to make money than doing what you’re passionate about and helping others realize their dreams?

These are all excellent reasons for you to look into teaching people music on Skype – and I’m sure there are many more. Now you know how, there’s nothing stopping you from getting out there and earning some cash!

Guest Post: Daniel Kidd for Pacific Harps. A Los Angeles harpist that plays the harp at weddings as well as teaching in the LA area and online too. Find us at

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