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Alternate Income Sources For Musicians

Ultimate Goal

Most musicians focus on sales from downloads, cd’s, merch and gigs but there are tons of opportunities out there to make money with your music related skills.

When you complete this training series you will know about where to find alternate sources of music related income.

I’ll show you where to find these opportunities and how to give yourself the best chance at earning income from them.

PLEASE NOTE: There has been a change since I created this course. UpWork has started charging to “Submit A Proposal”. It comes out to about $.50 to a $1.00 depending on the niche. It does kind of suck but it the good thing about it is, there will be less competition for the jobs. Most people don't look at it as an investment (which you should) and are less likely to apply for everything. 

Course Action Plan

Here is a step by step action plan for this course. Do at least one action step every day until you complete each one.

Day 0 Action Plan – Watch Videos.

Day 1 Action PlanSign up For Upwork and set up your profile

Day 2 Action Plan – Search for and submit a proposal for 5 jobs.

Day 3 Action Plan – Search for and submit a proposal for as many jobs as you can find.

Day 4 Action Plan – Rinse and repeat Day 3 Action Plan forever.




Freelancer (Get $20 to sign up)


Fiverr (you can make way more than $5)


Video 1: Music Related Freelance Work

Video 2: Tips For Creating Your Freelance Profile

Video 3: How To Create A Proposal That Gets You Hired

Video 4: Follow Up Strategies And Final Thoughts

Additional Resources:

If you want to go deeper into all of this, here are a few of the resources I learn a lot from:

Freelance To Win – This site focuses mostly on copywriting freelancing on UpWork. But he has great tips on how to get jobs. In fact, you'll probably see some cross over with what I showed you in the videos above. I suggest you get on his email list to get those “5 hacks” (you'll see what I mean when you get over there).

Lex DeVille on YouTube – I found Lex in a hard core marketing forum. The kind you have to pay to be a member of. He doesn't have a ton of views but thats good. He has some great tactics and you'll like his mindset. Plus less views means less people know about him and use his stuff (that's good for us).

Bonus Ideas:

1) Create And Sell Background Music

Here's an interesting idea for you if you are a producer. Advertisers, marketers, video makers, businesses, etc, etc are always looking for background music for their projects. But not all of them know where to look for royalty-free music and not all of them want to jump through all the hoops to get it.

What you could do is create a bunch of tracks based on theme like hip hop, rock, blues and, in the example I am about to show you, Jazz. Then package them up and sell the audio files. You could even offer upsells like custom tracks or adding the tracks to their project for a fee.

Click the following link to see how someone is doing this with Jazz:

>> Click Here To Check It Out <<

BEFORE YOU CLICK, please note that as inexpensive as the course is, you could purchase a copy for yourself to deconstruct what he's doing.

2) Offer Marketing Services To Businesses

I am a freelance marketing consultant. Many of the skills I learned came from courses I took to learn how to market my music. There is a lot of crossover and many times, marketing someone's business is much simpler than marketing music.

The stuff we do as artists like Facebook marketing, email marketing, e-commerce, content marketing, etc, etc are all needed by the millions of businesses out there.

One of the courses that I took that will help you develop your music marketing AND general marketing skills at the same time is Music Marketing Manifesto. Two birds, one stone.

>> Click Here To Check Out Music Marketing Manifesto <<

You've probably read about it before in my emails and on the blog, and maybe you are sick of it, BUT I cannot recommend it enough. It is the best course on music marketing. John O. is a great marketer and teacher.

 3. Add To Your Music And Creative Skillset

The more you know, the more value you can provide. The more value you can provide, the more you can make.

Add to your skillset by taking some courses.


This is a pretty cool website that offers production, performing and other music courses taiught by professional musicians like Tom Morello, Deadmaus, Timbaland, Herbie Hancock, Usher, Carlos Santana, Christina Aguilera, Reba McEntire and others.

There are also a bunch of other courses from other pro's that you could take to combine with your music skils. Course in storytelling, Filmaking, writing, photography, Entrepreneurship and more.

Go check out MasterClass for more information


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