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It was only just over 11 years ago that CD sales hit their peak but what a difference the past 10 years has been in terms of music technology.

Download Versus CD's…

Music downloads have superseded CD sales quite staggeringly. In fact, the ability to download music has changed every aspect of the music industry from record labels to artists to the end listener. CD sales have dropped to an all time low Music downloading has even changed how our high street looks with the demise of the music stores such as Zavvi and Woolworths which were found in the top locations of nearly every town and city up and down the country. With HMV consisting reporting huge losses and the closing of branches, it maybe won't be long before they have the same outcome.

10 Years Ago..

10 years ago, club DJ's were using increasingly more CD's when mixing but vinyl was still the mainstay of their record bag. Who would have thought it 10 years ago that the Official UK Chart would be made up of download and CD sales and that households would be getting rid of their CD collections completely as they only purchase downloadable music formats! It wasn't all that long ago that people were ditching their vinyl in favour of CD's!

The widespread choice, availability and ease of music downloads now has completely changed how we buy and listen to music. Whether you have an ipod or any one of hundreds of different mp3 players on the market, downloading music is what we are all doing. It is practical, easy and cheap which is a winning combination.

What's Next…

So what's next in terms of music downloads? Well with the widespread ownership now of smartphones, music downloading is shifting once more. With companies selling music downloads that are sent direct to a smartphone, music can be purchased anywhere. Smartphones eliminate the need for a separate mp3 player with many of them having 16GB plus of internal memory, the iphone even with a choice of a 32GB flash drive. Downloading music direct to a mobile device couldn't be simpler. Click buy on the music download that you want. This will then load up a buy page. Enter your phone number, and you will receive a code to verify payment. Enter this code into the buy screen, and your mobile music will be sent straight to your phone.

With some of the music download sites having over 2 million tracks, mobile mp3s and mobile albums and couple that with the constant update the content of the website, music lovers come back daily for fresh music downloads. As with a high street record store, these sites for music downloads have sales with tracks as low as 99p. With transport costs rising, saving on petrol, bus or train fares when purchasing music is a large factor in the current climate.

Guest post by Jon Seymour of who is kind of secretive about himself BUT would like to encourage you to Click for music downloads for your mobile and get a free PC version of the mobile music that you have bought sent straight to your email address.

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