Most of the music marketing information on the web comes in written form via blogs, ebooks, etc. But there are many times where you can't be reading, and lets face it, there is only so much reading busy musicians like you and I can can do. Enter music marketing podcasts.

Podcasts are great because you can be learning and being inspired while doing other things like walking, working out or driving to and from gigs.

Here are a couple of music marketing podcasts that I keep going back to for my music marketing fix.

Music Biz Weekly and Rock Star Branding

I put these together because they are hosted by the same guys Micheal Brandvold and Brian Thompson (who has yet another podcast called DIY Daily).

I do not think there are two guys who put out more audio content on music marketing than these guys. It is hard keeping up with their episodes, but that is a good thing.

Also, these guys are both out there getting their hands dirty walking the walk when it comes to music marketing. Micheal has worked with KISS (yep, that blood spitting, lunch box making KISS) and a few other big names. Brian does consulting for many bands. Oh and for a little “been there, done that” rock star input, Greg Kihn (ala the hits The Break-up Song, Jeopardy) is a Co-host with them on Rock Star Branding.


At the time of this posting it doesn't look like have been posting on a regular basis lately (which is a bummer). But take a look through their archives because there are some gems. The Tom Jackson, Corey Smith and Jack Conte (Pomplemoose) interview are excellent.

Upward Spiral

Unlike many of the other podcasts I've mentioned, The Upward Spiral is less about marketing and how to and more about what's happening in the music industry overall and what might happen in the future.

This podcast gives you the sense that you are keeping your hand on the pulse of the entire industry and a sense that you are staying ahead of the game.

Music Business Radio

This podcast is recorded in Nashville (I think) so they have access to a large variety of music industry people. You'll hear interviews with big time songwriters, producers, emerging artists, label execs and more.

NOTE: Sorry if I am missing anyone. You can add any that I missed in the comments below. That way we can all go check them out.

That's Not All Folks…

Also keep in mind that many podcasts that aren't in the music marketing realm, still have valuable information. For instance, podcasts like The Nerdist and WTF? have interviews with musicians and other big wigs in the entertainment business.

WTF? had interviews with Dave Grohl and Jon Fogerty. And I heard one of my all time favorite interviews with legendary songwriter Paul Williams on the Nerdist. Interviews like that are full inspiration and hidden tips.

And check out a few general marketing podcasts like Marketing Over Coffee or Social Triggers. A lot of the stuff you pick up on those types of podcasts aren't being talked about on the music marketing podcast and can be applied to marketing your music.

Keeping Them Organized

You can subscribe on iTunes, Google Play has a few apps and I do funnel some of them into my feedreader. If you have a smart phone, I highly recommend Stitcher. It is free way to manage and listen to all these podcasts.

Also, if you didn't notice already, some of the podcasts I mentioned above reside on Soundcloud. If you are an avid user over there, that could be another great way to keep up with them.

There you go, that should give you plenty to listen to. Now get out there, learn, be inspired and kick some friggin music industry arse.

OH and remember, let me know if I missed anyone in the comments below.

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