Dubstep Session Event PosterYears ago, it was difficult to circulate music on a small scale let alone get discovered and become the next big artist. Music marketing was not a do-it-yourself endeavor. Without the help of a record label, it was next to impossible to have your music heard.

Luckily, the music industry is rapidly changing at all levels as a result of technology. Now, the opportunities to get your music out there have increased tenfold and it can even be done without the help of a record label.

Harness the Power of Social Media Sites

Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Myspace, play a huge role in the average person's daily life. Musicians have begun to harness the power of these social media sites. In doing so, they are able to tap into different groups of people because of features like ‘sharing' and ‘retweeting'. To have your music heard, actively engage with social media. Post videos on YouTube, create a Facebook page, and sign up for an account on Twitter. Videos and articles go viral on a daily basis, some of which get over 2 million views in less than three days. Who knows, the next one to go viral could be yours.

The Power of Duets

It is amazing what it can do for a musician's reputation when they sing with another well-known artist. While this doesn't have to be a famous musician, doing a duet or collaborating on a song with a popular local musician or a YouTube sensation is an easy way to circulate your music. By creating music with an already established musician, it gives you the opportunity to share their fan base and give your credibility as a musician a big boost.

Quality over Quantity

Make sure you are working with quality material. No one is going to want to listen to a CD with static in the background or to a track that sounds like it was recorded in your garage. Because of the amazing technological innovations that have been developed over the last few years, it is now possible to record songs on your own that sound as if they were recorded in a studio.

Marketing is Key

Explore local venues. Whether your dream is to make it big or to simply share your music with as many people as you can, local venues are a great place to start. Have albums available for purchase and make sure you hand out flyers, cards, T-shirts, or any other type of memorabilia that has your social media sites listed. The key to developing a fan base is giving them a foundation on which they can build. If they can't remember your name then their interest will quickly disappear.

Developing a successful career in the music industry can be a frustrating process but it isn't impossible. By harnessing the power of the internet and using social media sites it has now become easier than ever to have your music heard. For those with talent and perseverance, nothing is impossible.

Guest Post: Tracy Keebler is an avid blogger of music and technology and writes for BearShare, the world's best file sharing software. You can download music from BearShare.com which has over 15 million songs and videos to download from all legal and free.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rubber Dragon

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