Music Marketing Tool StackLooking for music marketing tools to help you build a bigger audience?

Want tools that will save you time, money, and headaches?

Well, if you want to build an audience faster, cheaper and easier, this article is going to help you big time.

Promoting your music takes everything you’ve got.

It takes time. It takes money. It takes effort.

You already poured your blood, sweat and tears into your release.

But then comes what many consider the most challenging part of all – promotion.

Certainly, you can do as many musicians do – play shows, go to conferences, meet gatekeepers, hope for the best.

But hope is not a strategy, and if that’s what you’re relying on, there’s simply no way for you to compete with the 24,000 songs added to streaming sites every single day. No one will care.

Here’s the good news – it’s never been easier to get your online music promotion dialed in.

Kiss Your Dreams Goodbye if “Hope” is the Best You’ve Got

Do you want to:

  • Grow your social media following?
  • Grow your email list?
  • Get your music streamed by more people?
  • Get your music reviewed by bloggers?
  • Get your music added to popular playlists?
  • Make enough money to build a self-sustaining career?

Here’s the problem…

Effective promotion requires many music marketing tools.

Here’s the short list:

  • A fast, mobile responsive website (both Google and users hate slow websites and don’t have the attention span or patience)
  • Email service provider
  • Heavily optimized landing pages to collect emails
  • Shopping cart
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for maintaining your database of fans, customers, connections and more
  • A blog (updated at least weekly)
  • Membership site
  • Live streaming app for YouTube and/or Facebook (webinar functionality)

Like I said, this is the short list. It may not even cover everything you need.

The reality is that…

Whoever Said, “You’ve Got to Spend Money to Make Money” Was Right

Now, it’s all well and good to identify all the tools you need to achieve effective online promotion.

But there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Each tool costs money. Some cost more than others, and many are on retainer (meaning you need to pay a monthly fee, which may increase over time based on usage).

Because the tools cost money, you end up having to choose based on which you can afford rather than what’s going to do the best job overall.

You’re also going to need to learn how to use each tool. At this point, you may as well become a full-time internet marketer, if you can even afford to spend that much time on it.

To top off the bitter-tasting sundae, we find not a sweet Maraschino cherry but a mess of tools that may or may not play well together, requiring manual input and management on your part. So much for automation.

Just for reference, let’s cost out a few of the tools we identified earlier…

Web hosting costs $11.95 per month (more if you’re hosting more than one website).

Email services can run $29 per month (more as your subscriber base grows).

With landing page builders, Leadpages starts at $25 per month and Unbounce starts at $79 per month.

Shopping carts start at $49 per month… if you’re lucky.

And, you can cry yourself silly on late night customer support live chats all you want – ultimately, no one is going to do the hard work of piecing together the marketing puzzle to help you get your music heard by the people who want it most. That’s 100% up to you.

I’m sure you’re starting to feel the full weight of the cost.

Add it all up, and you could easily end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month, not to mention hours of poking and prodding trying to get it all set up.

Scream Into The Void No More…

Over the course of the last 10 years, this is exactly how I marketed my music online.

I paid for the services, created my accounts, learned the apps, dealt with the technical glitches, constantly logged into each platform to make sure they were working, put a ton of man-hours into getting my music out to the people who wanted to hear it… you get the idea.

It was a pain. But I did it. And, it worked, if only barely at times. At least I found a way.

But there is new way.

You could go the same route I did, pay the big money for the services, study the ins and outs of the apps and become an internet marketer in your free time (if you have any).

Or, you could fast-track your progress. You could bypass a lot of the cost and pain of having to do it the “old-school” way.

I found a new solution.

A solution I wish I had before I had invested all that time and money into music promotion. It includes all the tools mentioned above, and probably a few I didn’t mention. It’s an all-in-one solution.

Best of all, it scales with your business and costs a quarter of all tools combined.

It's called Builderall.

(Pssst… to get a free Builderall Trial and an exclusive bonus from me, click here or on the image below)

claim builderall bonus

What You Get

It is a long list, so I took a snapshot of their dashboard for you.

This is everything you can do with the Premium Plan (which is only $69… a steal if you remember above when I showed you how much every tool combined costs).

builderall tools dashboard min

Look at all that.

Imagine everything you could do with that?

You can build your entire fan funnel.

  • Website and landing pages templates
  • Email marketing and SMS list manager
  • Autoresponders to stay engaged with your fans on autopilot
  • Chatbots
  • Social posting apps
  • Shopping cart to sell merch

It also integrates with other tools like WordPress, Mailchimp, and a bunch of others if you don't need everything.

You can try it all out for free.

And if you never want to pay, you can just use is it to build and host a Free Website (click here to learn about that).

And if you are really ambitious, and would like to earn some side cash, you can join their affiliate program.

Basically, you share a link with anyone you know who needs these tools and they pay you a percentage of the monthly subscription as long as they use Builderall (which can be a very long time).

There is a ton of training too. Both for each of the tools and the affiliate part.

You have access to a great marketing education and can learn everything you need to know about building an audience for your music or any business really.

What's Missing

I'd be lying if I said it was perfect. There is a ton of training and templates for businesses, but, outside of a few music lesson page templates, not much that is music-specific.

Also, some features tend to get a little clunky in my opinion. But, you should take that with a grain of salt. I am a full-time media buyer and I use more expensive premium tools every day. I use those more often and just not up to speed on Builderall yet.

If you are starting fresh, or not using the other stuff all day, every day like I am, you probably won't notice.

And again, for the price, it won't matter. Had I found this a few years ago before some of the other tools I use, I'd totally be all in on Builderall.

To help with the lack of music-related training, I figured I'd throw something in if you try it out.

Grab This Exclusive “Musicians” Bonus

Once you have your website and/or landing pages in place, you will need to start building your email list. So, I want to help you out with that.

When you sign up for a free Builderall trial, I'll send you a copy of my Email List Jumpstart Checklist as a bonus.

Your email list is your most important asset. It will allow you to reach out to fans and industry contacts over and over again. This checklist will show you how to start building your email list from scratch or improve the one you've started. You only get this bonus if you claim it by clicking the button below.

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Just so you know, I do get a small kickback if you should decide to upgrade to a Builderall subscription using a link on this site. I want to thank you for your support. I am an indie artist myself and I will use the cash generated as another revenue stream to cover some of the costs associated with being an indie artist. Rest assured that you are supporting a fellow artist and keeping it in the indie family.

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