bad music sponsor ideasI get emails every other day from new musicians asking me to help them get music sponsors.

Guess what…

Every musician is looking for music sponsorship. We all dream of some Daddy Deeppockets coming along loving our stuff, believing in us and opening up his wallet.

But when you are just starting out that's all it is… A dream.

I hate going all Danny Downer on you but it is the truth. Telling you what you want to hear isn't going to get you anywhere.

Want a sponsor?

The best place to start is by taking control of your own career. Invest in yourself by learning how to get your stuff out there on your own.

If you make great music, get some traction and build an audience, they'll come looking for you.

Very few, if any, music sponsors are sitting around wondering, “Hey where can I find an unknown musician with no audience to give a lot of money too.”

Even if there is, they very unlikely to take you on if you aren't putting in the time and effort to promote yourself.

Learn some marketing skills, build an audience. Then, maybe… MAYBE… the sponsors will come knocking.
You can start by reading all the free blog posts on this website (like this), checking out the resource page or by getting access to the vault.
(P.S. To get access to the Vault for 10+ resources to help your music career, click here or the image below)
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