As some of you may or may not know that on top of running Musicgoat, I am also a musician myself. Last May I had an video idea for my tune “Minnesota Got Colder.” I figured that you guys might be interested in checking it out and maybe even providing some feedback.

My Idea

Since the song is about remembering and since Memorial Day was on its way, I shot out an email to everyone on my email list and on the official Corey Koehler Facebook Fanpage offering friends and fans the opportunity to take part in the process. I ask them to send in pictures of deceased loved ones that they would like to memorialize.

Along with a good response , I had the help of my sister, her video camera, her Mac and the gorgeous scenery surrounding where I live (Winona, MN).

Check It Out

It was our first shot at making a video but I think that my sister  and I did alright. What do you think?

Facebook Video?

If you are wondering why I embedded from Facebook its because it is a higher quality version than the one I posted on YouTube. We didn't really know what we were doing at first and we had to convert it to a format suitable for YouTube. And since I was in a hurry – because I slacked a little early on and had to press to get it out before the end of Memorial Day – I didn't pay attention to the obvious lack of quality (see for yourself on the YouTube version).

Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Oh, and I almost forgot (Duh! still getting used to this promotion thing lol), if you like the tune you can pick it up on my BandCamp page , iTunes, Amazon or CDbaby (i'm everywhere).

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