MusicXrayRecently I had a few conversations about Music Xray success stories and bad reviews.

One musician had good things to say, another not so good.

Either way I thought I would share their reviews and success stories. Plus throw in a few of my own experiences.

First, the good.

How Music Xray helped a beginning songwriter…

“I started writing songs 30 years ago and it has been a fun hobby and an enriching outlet. 2 years ago, my closest childhood friend was diagnosed with ALS. Immediately, I knew that I could turn to my trusted friend, songwriting, to help me cope. I wrote the best song I ever had in tribute to Tom.

A few months later, I met a local band at a party and during a conversation, my song for my friend came up. They offered to help me record it (in a garage studio) so I could share it with Tom. It turned out so well that they convinced me to try to do something with it commercially.

I found Music Xray and gave it a shot. The song was well received (extra consideration for both Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw) but did not result in a deal.I continued to write and got better with each subsequent effort. 6 weeks ago, one of my songs was picked up by a publisher from Chicago and I have a firm offer on the table from a Nashville publisher for another one. That song is on HOLD by 2 other publishers. I just got a final mix of my latest (and best to date) and I am anxious to submit it.[Now] I LIVE on Music Xray! I have 1 song under contract through Music Xray and an offer on the table from a Nashville publisher for another one. That song is on HOLD by 2 other publishers. Keep your fingers crossed!I'm back in the studio next week to record my latest which is a 1960's Sam Cooke-style tune. I've invited a young rapper from Pontiac to collaborate on it with thematic rap replacing a guitar solo. It's uncharted territory and I am excited!”

Kevin Beers, Songwriter

And the not so good.

How Music Xray frustrated a songwriter…

“I signed up with music X-ray over two years ago and I've stopped using their services for two reasons. I started out pretty excited about their site as well.

1) I discovered that WOA Records is a label looking for artists on music X-ray. If they are on there then I know that music X-ray doesn't do their research about who they are affiliated with. WOA records scammed me out of a lot of money. If you google them with the word “scam”, you will find other stories as well.

2) When you apply for something and pay, music X-Ray says that it could take any amount of time for them to get back to you with a response. There are labels, licensing companies, etc, that I paid to apply for through them over a year ago and I am STILL getting emails saying “we've just reminded this person about your application”. Those companies can simply sign up and take your money and never be accountable for not getting back to you.

It hasn't been totally bad with them. I did get a good review on a single that I released. But to me it's just another sketchy online platform that's isn't 100% trustworthy, so I'd rather not gamble my money.”

Stephanie Braganza, Singer-Songwriter

My Experience With Music Xray

As far as my experience with Music Xray, I have a little bit in common with both artists above.

I received extra consideration from Zac Brown Band and Tim McGraw for a song – that honestly, I was surprised to get any action on (ya never know I guess). That felt good for a couple days.

Also, I did try their Fan Match feature. It resulted in 19 mailing list sign-ups and $4.00 in tips (if people like your stuff they tip real cash).

But I had a situation like Stephanie where I paid for an opportunity and never really got any feedback other than “we've reminded this person..blah, blah, blah.” You'd think that be and easy fix wouldn't you? Maybe have an escrow type thing where the money is held until the vendor delivers (kind of like Elance).

Overall, I am not a huge fan of paying to submit music. But it doesn't mean I don't think paying to get our music heard and critiqued by the “right people” works.

It think it does.

Its just like anything else in this crazy music world, you need to have good stuff, be willing to put in the time and

Make Up Your Own Mind

Its clearly not for everyone but there is only one way to find out. Go check it out yourself.

Click here to check out Music Xray

What About You?

Do you have experience with MusicXray? If so, share below.

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